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    nail'd - The official website of nail'd with information about the arcade racer Picked this up today. Their ad campaign was all about how much it was better than Pure, but it's not even really the same type of game. Pure was (imo) one of the most fun arcade-style games I've ever played on a...
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    My first day off in 3 weeks. :lol: We just picked these up. :metal:
  3. Computers, Electronics, Gaming & IT
    MX vs. ATV Untamed for Xbox 360 - MX vs. ATV Untamed Xbox360 Game - MX vs. ATV Untamed Xbox 360 Video Game Grabbing this right now. A buddy of mine and I were having an achievement war in Pure for the last week, and we both finished it tonight and need something to move on to. :lol: Game...
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    Pure for Xbox 360 - Pure Xbox360 Game - Pure Xbox 360 Video Game Game is a friggin' blast. $20 in the XBL arcade.
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    This is awesome. I'm looking to book lift tickets for this place when I head out to Vegas this winter. Apparently they have this cool ass ATV-thing for tours in the summer. Granted I'd rather it go about 500% faster and with 500% more jumping and shit, but that still looks like a pretty...