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  1. Sports Talk
    Two different people just texted me this, can't find an online source. Anyone? EDIT...I probably should have actually looked at more than one place IOC bans Russian team from 2018 Winter Olympics - CBC Sports - Road to the Olympic Games winter sports...
  2. Lifestyle, Health, Fitness & Food
    Well, this sucks. This has been my pre-workout supplement for the past 2 years. Just bought my last 3 tubs now :noway: A lot of the symptoms listed can just as easily be linked to alcohol or cigarettes :shrug: Jack3d sports supplement banned in Britain over fears it may have lethal...
  3. Computers, Electronics, Gaming & IT
    No explanation, no notification. Just an email from the platform team that an old test app I created now is disabled along with my personal account... O_o
  4. Art, Movies, Books, TV & Media
    U.K. film board bans 'Human Centipede' sequel - The Marquee Blog - Blogs I think that these film are completely stupid, but I most definitely do not agree with censorship like this. If people want to see the film they will. And to be honest, as gruesome as the concept is, it's no more...
  5. MG.ORG Status Updates
    Everytime I try posting from the wap site it tells me I'm banned but if I load the regular site from my phone I'm not banned and same with the reg site on my comp. Tried clearing cache, cookies on my phone to no avail
  6. Computers, Electronics, Gaming & IT
    Retailers say Steam is "killing the PC market", threaten Steam ban | PC Gamer I don't know how it is UK, but if it's anything like the US (at least in the Austin area), it seems that game stores will shelve the hell out of consoles while the PC section looks really really slim compared. Or...
  7. Computers, Electronics, Gaming & IT
    :lol: Shit on. Report: Microsoft bans 1 million Xbox Live players -
  8. Sports Talk
    Owned. :lol: Dodgers slugger Manny Ramirez tests positive, suspended 50 games - MLB -
  9. Metal News Feeds
    Here we go again. Just like in 2005, LAMB OF GOD are being banned and are not allowed to perform at The Forum in Inglewood , where METALLICA and LAMB OF GOD were scheduled to perform at on December 17 and December 18. LAMB OF GOD's new album Wrath will be out on February 24, [...] More...
1-9 of 12 Results