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  1. General Music Discussion
    The accident happened when a tractor-trailer veered off Interstate 75 near Micanopy and struck the band's RV that had pulled off the highway with a flat tire. :eek:
  2. Musician Classifieds
    Greetings fellow humans! My name is Daniel Buxton and I am the lead vocalist for Soma Dark. We are based in Manchester. Age of the members is 28-35. We all like Pizza. (I like pizza) Our previous bassist found that he could not commit enough time to the band anymore given his career and...
  3. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    So my bassist seems to have a knack of breaking equipment, namely heads, he's managed to break about 6 in the three/four years we've been doing the band. Normally they'd just crap out at a practice but at our last gig his Mesa 400+ shit the bed mid song, we then tried to use another bands SVT...
  4. Musician Classifieds
    Experienced Band Looking for Committed Replacements (Bass G, Lead G, Drummer) A strong music wide range of band. Check My bio For More Information. We need Mates fast So We can take on Where We left off.
  5. General Music Discussion
    Between the persona based off an 80s cartoon, the insane custom basses, and the metal cred, Thundercat is impossible to not like.
  6. Music: Other Instruments
    I just started some jamming with some friends in a Death metal kinda thing lately. I've played bass in bands before but I don't have much of an amp at the moment. I cobbled together a rig for now using a rack power amp and a sansamp. The cab is a workhorse no name thing that my brother has used...
  7. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    So apparently my bassist left his MIJ Fender Precision Bass Lyte(REALLY fucking light, I haven't done any research but I wouldn't doubt it if it were chambered) under my drummers bed for TWO YEARS, and forgot about it(what a bassist thing to do). So i posted the thread because I need help...
  8. Music: Recording Studio
    I wrote bass in guitar pro and i export it in midi. Then i put the file in a channel and i put the vsti virtual bassist and nothing is playing. What i can do?
  9. Music: Other Instruments
    About to pull the trigger. Thoughts? other options? :yesway::noway:
  10. General Music Discussion ******* Frye. ...actually it's Jared MacEeachern from Sanctity (and ******* Frye lookalike).
  11. General Music Discussion There's some cool ones! :metal:
  12. Musician Classifieds
    I made a post recently for an online project and got a response but haven't been in contact with the guy since. So I'm still in need of a guitarist and bassist, already have an insane drummer and I do vocals. The band's genre is brutal/technical/melodic death metal. Reply or pm if interested...
  13. Music: Other Instruments
    Can play her ass off. (1:40 or so)
  14. General Music Discussion
  15. General Music Discussion
    Hey guys, Archspire's bassist Jaron recently had a really bad stroke. Some bands including Archspire are trying to raise some money for him by putting on a fundraiser show soon. The guy has wicked chops too so its really sad to see this happen...
  16. Music: Other Instruments
    TOOL Bassist Paul D'Amour - Ibanez ATK Custom Bass | eBay Alternate titles: "No, not Justin Chancellor", or "Overly Optimistic eBay Seller Hopes To Cash In on Stoned Tool Fan with Credit Card".
  17. General Music Discussion
    IAMA Bass player, Ian Hill of Judas Priest, AMA! : IAmA
  18. Musician Classifieds
    to collaborate and lay down tracks to an album i am currently composing. If interested you can here two preliminary tracks (with processed beats and my crappy vocals) here: h t t p : / / let me know if your interested - i really look forward to hearing...
  19. Musician Classifieds
    We are in need of a bassist willing to practice here in Savannah, Georgia. We like to maintain a standard of 3 practices a week. It is expected to make at least 2 of those and the occasional "once" a week is excusable with notice. We are firmly established, have 3 tours under our belt and have...
  20. General Music Discussion
    BLABBERMOUTH.NET - MAYHEM Bassist To Have Evil Spirits Driven Out Of Him On Norwegian National TV
1-20 of 36 Results