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    ...Oktoberfestmärzen refuses to be cancelled! :beer: :tmm: This one is Augustiner's, running in at 6.3%ABV. Prost! :windmill:
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    Nick, please give us details of all those bottles in the fridge in your avatar. :beer:
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    I know, shameless self-promotion, but hey, I recorded it all myself in my home studio so at least I can answer any questions about it! :metal: Guitars are mainly my Jackson KV2's and KV4 with a selection of EMGs at 9v & 18v, through my AX8, using the Das Metall and 5153 50W Blue models and the...
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    I've never thought to myself "I'd like an SG", but this one was offered as a trade for my Laney VH100R that had been on sale for about five years. I figured that even if I don't like it, it'd be easier to sell than the Laney! It's not bad though. It has seen some action and I don't know what...
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    When I heard this song for the first time, I knew it needed a metal cover version. Awesome track! Guitars are done with my AX8, using the FAS Brootalz and FAS Modern III models. I'm switching these up with each song I do to see if there's a huge difference, and so far, there really isn't! The...
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    Any of you guys own a flawless guitar? Like there's absolutely no buzzy frets or slight tuning problem or occasionally scratchy pickup selector etc? :) I have some nice guitars, but there's always something wrong with each once of them - even my favourite KV2 has always been slightly buzzy...
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    I've had an album pretty much ready to go for my band Fireland for a few years now, but my main band Stormzone has been keeping me busy the past few years. What I need is someone who can record their own vocals... a few of the tracks have vocals written already but the majority still need them...
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    I've been keeping an eye out for a decent looking seven string V, and just noticed this one: - Jackson Corey Beaulieu KV7 7-String It'd complement my existing KV collection, which is handy. There's not much info on them anywhere - the Jackson website doesn't mention them...
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    And I'm fucking terrified :lol: it's just a deck show but a lot of local bands will be there. Then I have a show Sunday and a couple more this month. My bedroom guitarist days are officially over. I have no idea what to expect or what to do, but I know I'll be okay. Doesn't help from being...
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    As you may be aware, I may have somewhat been a tad, a wee, a little, just a tiny bit obnoxious with my heckling of Drew over the last year about his cycling. We finally got out for our first ride together today and did this: And I have to say, Drew is a damn strong rider. :yesway: Honestly...
  12. Computers, Electronics, Gaming & IT Peace, Adam. I won't come at you with a broken beer bottle, bro.
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    Lately I've been taking my runs to the next level (you always have to push it) by doing my regular run, sprinting back to my apartment, chugging a beer or two, and going back out and doing another half run/three quarter run. Anyone else do this shit? Beer hits your blood sugar pretty hard...
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    Hello! Party is in my House! C'mon Guys!
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    Dogfish Head has just released a new beer that will surely not cause unsightly and possibly violent extraterrestrial intestinal parasites. Abdomens be damned! 'Celest-jewel-ale' brewed with moon dust, served in space-suit koozies | Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales
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    VEKTOR Frontman Arrested For Throwing Beer At Christian Protester - Metal Injection | Latest News | Metal Injection "Alright alright alright. As many of you know it was an intriguing evening in Memphis after the show itself (which did rule, thanks to you all, by the way). We'd like to clarify a...
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    Hi folks, :cheers: My name is Daniel, [who's dis an' whazzit do?] I am studying electrical engineering (currently writing my BT). when I do not study, but rather pretend to do so... :ugh: I train and teach martial arts (2nd Dan in Shaolin Kung Fu) at my local school, play the guitar (mainly...
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    Holy fuck. :ugh: Here's Why It Never Hurts To Give Your Soda Can A Rinse
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    So Terrapin makes my favorite IPA, Hoppsecutioner. I was at a little place today that had Terrapin "So Green" available. It's their "wet hop" IPA. HIGHLY recommended. It's an IPA that could also be a session beer (though it's 6.5% ABV, so you'd have to be Drew to drink alot of them). They...