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    I've had a Paiste Alpha Metal Ride for many years and while I have been (and still am) happy with it... A band came by to record a few songs at my studio and they had a Zildjian Mega Bell ride with them, and I was like :eek: so I had to get one for myself. Found one from the 80s on Ebay for a...
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    good grief, that is slow and heavy as fuck. 10/10 will buy.
  4. General Music Discussion
    Pretty ho-hum as far as actual Floyd albums go (I'm firmly in the camp that the band was definitely better with Gilmour AND Waters), but man, what a tour de force from David Gilmour. Some of his best playing, and possibly his best tone, he's ever recorded. He'd already switched over to EMG...
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    Outdoor Gear & Clothing | Run, Camp, Bike & More | Code: SPRING20 The usual slew of exceptions, but that's still a pretty sweet deal. Also, :lol: @ excluding Beats by Dre. Because every serious outdoorsman needs shitty overpriced headphones that look ridiculous.
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    My rather inexpensive but quite fun Vintage V6 Filmore strat works really nice, except I could use a Bit more sustain on the low strings when playing close to the body. It sports a classic Wilkinson bridge with bend metal shrapnel saddles, zinc toneblock and 6-hole mount (pretty much like a...
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    Taco Bell Goes Upscale With New Cantina Bell Menu - ABC News :lol:
  8. Lifestyle, Health, Fitness & Food
    Wirelessly posted they have like four things in their menu now. I haven't been here in a good six months, but my gosh they've gotten rid of EVERYTHING.
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    Somebody on another forum I frequent posted this, and I thought it was pretty badass, so here ya go: My Son the Hurricane - For Whom the Bell Tolls (Brass Metallica Cover) - YouTube :hbang: HORN SECTIONS :hbang:
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    This Is What Really Hides In Taco Bell's "Beef" :eek: :barf:
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    Pure awesome, courtesy of Heir Johnsen.
1-11 of 11 Results