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    big baby Taylor new just got recently. I got the wrong guitar, so i want to sell this to get the one i want. It's never been played and i only took it out of the case to look at it. I'm gonna reduce the price to $400. Let me know if you're interested. Ebay account: xxtwiggy_15xx 100% feedback...
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    Jeez, I haven't listened to this in years! :lol:
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    New Home Theater Day Well, not completely new as it's been coming together for a couple of months and still has a few things to be done but I've recently added the flagship so I'll share what has been done. Over the years I've amassed a pretty kick ass audio system. I've got a surround system...
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    I've totally cock-smashed the boards with posts today, but I've got some pretty awesome news to share with ya =) I've been working with a few singers to create a vocal version of my last EP. Guests are Chris Clancy (Mutiny Within) Chris Barretto (ex-Periphery, Friend for a Foe, Ever Forthright)...
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    So, for those unfamiliar, Big Wreck is Ian Thornley (of the band Thornley)'s original band. They were big here in Canada and I gather had some success elsewhere as well. They re-united last year I think it was, and have a new album coming out, here's the first single: (also available on...
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    I never knew this was an option. Pretty neat - if a little cluttery with a lot of tracks. Options -> Layouts -> Mixer Panel -> Large
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    :wavey: Aura Guitars is a promising young company run by someone I've come to call a good friend of mine, Adam. After a lot of discussion, a build was planned. We will be doing our own take on Ola Strandberg's brilliant designs. Ola has kindly approved the use of his design (yes, we asked...
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    Here's a very repetitive clip of the Emerald bridge pickup I now have installed in my Dæmoness Cimmerian 7-string. I absolutely love this pickup! Tight like a ceramic pickup, but much smoother in the extreme highs, super clear, and sounds huge! Voicing-wise, think of it as PAF-style. The...
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    Facebook post results in vacated wins for Tennessee team - News | FOX Sports on MSN way to go mom! :lol:
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    Hey guys. I'll be playing my first real gig here soon and it is actually pretty big. Decrepit Birth asked us to play with them. So I get really anxious and a little shaky when I play in front of people for like the first 10-20 minutes, then I relax a bit. I hear it gets easier the more you do...
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    Volpin Props: Big Daddy (Bioshock) He goes through the entire process of building the suit too!
  14. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    Thar she blows! Andrew built a fine piece of art, and I tweaked it a bit more to my tastes. Mods: - Kluson-style tuners - J S Moore overwound '59 in the bridge, V-1 in the neck (JB/59 for sale!) - chrome knobs - Orange drop caps - gutted the N-tune onboard tuner - chrome pickup rings Eric...
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    I'm TOTALLY gonna get one! WiFi connectivity, eBooks application, 2GB internal (up to 32GB with card), browse the web, watch videos, play music. case included Full Function Android (2.1) Based Tablet! Why the HELL not? Its hundreds...
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    Just watched these. Great information, albeit in a boring lecture format :lol:
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    :noway: Netflix Users Protest Proposed Price Increases With Social Media Firestorm | PCWorld
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    Inspired by a band I've found thanks to Metaltuune on Propeller (which I found by accident too), Dawn of Ashes. They used to be aggrotech (extreme EBM basically) but they've gone down a more black/death route for the new disc. Admittedly I'm not the biggest Morbid Angel fan, but they sound like...
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    Swedish PBS is sending the gothenburg big4 concert live, right now! :metal:
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    Mr. Big Announces North American Tour Mr. Big 2011 North American Tour Dates: •July 30, 2011: San Diego, CA - 4th & B •July 31, 2011: Agoura Hills, CA - The Canyon Club •August 2, 2011: Tempe, AZ - Marquee Theatre •August 4, 2011: Santa Ana, CA - Galaxy Theatre •August 5, 2011: San Francisco...