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    Some people around here (Justin, who helped me identify this as legitimate) like Steinbergers, and I myself have been a fan of them for a while; but have never played, nor seen on in person, be it legitimate M/GM/Oar, a Spirit model. HOWEVER, on Sunday night, I was perusing various company...
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    Yes that's right folks, I bought it back. Andrew was good to deal with, and I got a smokin' guitar at a smokin' price. Hear it here: quick specs: one-piece honduran mahogany body three-piece hard maple neck 25" scale 22 frets Gibson '59 profile (-1.00mm) MoP Trapezoid inlays JB/'59 pickups...
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    FU High-Performance Bridge [FU-HPBBB1] - $249.95 :!, Floyd Rose Tremolo Upgrades Anybody tried these? They look awesome. For around $300 you get a nice bridge with an oversized brass block, brass claw, and noiseless springs. Seems like a pretty nice setup. I am considering...
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    Hi guys This is a short clip to demonstrate my Superior 2.0 Rock Drums preset, which can be accessed here: Nolly's Superior 2.0 Rock Drums Preset (Check description for download) by Nolly on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free I have adjusted the levels to suit the mix...
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    It took me one of the unlucky night after a regular pub visit and unfortunately to say had engaged into a fight ;( ended up with a chipped off front tooth when that silly took chances when i wasnt aware when he was coming...;( Had visited a dentist and took up cosmetic dentistry had it done...
  6. Music: Recording Studio
    To anyone who said my mixes suck. I realize i cant mix rock or metal for shit. But your words of "encouragement" have made me want to be a better mix engineer than anyone on this board. Although that may not happen because mixing metal kinda ruined metal for me(in the sense of, "oh so thats how...
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    This ought to get a few of you going. :lol: Pricing tiers released for Big Four at Yankee Stadium - New York Hard Rock Music | My friend/co-worker wants to go, and I didn't know the most polite way to tell him I don't want to drop $200 on a Metallica show with a pissed off...
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    ... and it was glorious! :fawk: YouTube - Metallica - Orion & Am I Evil? (Live - Indio, CA) - MetOnTour edit: damn embed
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    ...except it's done by Joe Bonamassa, who totally fucking delivers. 2:02 for the impatient but you really need to watch the whole thing. It's incredible how Eric Johnson-like his quick runs sound. :yum:
  11. Guitar: Tech, Electronics and DIY
    So, being that I can take on normal person hobbies, i've decided to take a look into building a bass. I"m not going to be doing this for money, or for other people. I just sort of want a project and this sounds like fun. I'm sure after sanding something for 10 hours, i'll think it's less fun...
  12. Science 101 with Leon
    Vietnam's Mammoth Cavern - Photo Gallery - National Geographic Magazine :eek:
  13. Science 101 with Leon
    Epic Discovery: Astronomers Announce First Evidence Of Alien Universes
  14. General Music Discussion
    This is actually a hell of a lot better than I expected it to be (given how often reunions suck). Paul's single-coil tone is really good.
  15. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Hiwatt DR 400 :eek: I bet it sounds amazing.
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    First of all, I come from a long, wide search through the web before to post this (my first post ever/cheers .) I want to get an 8. That's the point. (I've never went 7. I wanted.. but) After all my runs, I come to the Schecter Damien Elite 8 (€ 750 here, I guess less in the US). My budget...
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    Hi, I'm an owner of a rivera knucklehead reverb and I've been having a very long love\hate relationship with the amp. I started thinking lately about buying an eq pedal and trying to shape it's tone to my liking, and just wondered - Will an eq pedal in the loop have a truely great impact on...
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    This paper is borderline tabloid at times, but they've officially redeemed themselves in my eyes. :metal:
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    I've had this for years on mp3, but thought it would be cool to share it if no one has heard it. 1. 'In the Flesh' from Pink Floyd. 2. 'Carry On Wayward Son' from Kansas 3. 'Bohemian Rhapsody', from (duh) Queen 4. 'Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'' from Journey 5 'Cruise Control', from Steve Morse...