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  1. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    Please, PLEASE don't disregard this as a bitching thread, I just wannt show some videos with evidence And yes, of course it makes a difference if you measure it scientificaly. But I'm not into that, I'm into practice, and real world applications. Background to this test: After recieved the...
  2. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    So I've posted about this guitar enough you all know the story. Bitching explorer, etc. etc. etc. I'm overhauling it to a ridiculous extent to get the most bitching black and gold theme to man going. So I finally dropped in the EMG 81. Been playing it a bit. Not sure it was the right choice or...
  3. General Music Discussion
    No instrumental snoozefests. Go.
  4. General Music Discussion
    Post anything in here as long as it's bitching and melodic and doesn't suck balls like Dream Theater. No whiney douchey modern djent prog either, only 80s style riff fests with leather lunged lead bellowers.
  5. Computers, Electronics, Gaming & IT
    A T-Mobile G2x and a G-Slate. I've really, really enjoyed the iPhone over the years, and I don't really see anything wrong with the Android stuff. My girlfriend is on T-Mobile and has a Samsung Galaxy S, and it's not a bad phone. For less than I'm paying a month for just the iPhone, I can get...
1-6 of 8 Results