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  1. Music: Recording Studio
    Been consolidating all my tracks to finally try and get some sort of ep/album together. Also tuned my 1527 to A recently so wanted to see how it sounds. Need to tidy up the playing a bit but not really been playing above 230 recently! Also was messing around with the fas brootal amp model...
  2. General Music Discussion
    Riley Brandt - Ascending Oblivion (2012) - YouTube Cheers!
  3. General Music Discussion
    "He Is Overrated, Overpaid, And I Will Never Work With Him Again" BLABBERMOUTH.NET - COREY TAYLOR On RICK RUBIN: 'He Is Overrated, Overpaid, And I Will Never Work With Him Again'
  4. General Music Discussion
    A very "unusual" band for the nucular folks....definitely not what i would expect from a band of their rooster. Imho the best band they got in the last years (besides Arsis), their latest record "Hisingen Blues" does rock! :yesway:
  5. Sports Talk
    Rev. Jesse Jackson: Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert put LeBron James in danger - ESPN :facepalm:
  6. Sports Talk
    Cavaliers: Open Letter to Fans from Cavaliers Majority Owner Dan Gilbert It may be worth the 700 mile drive to Cleveland to take in the next few Heat/Cavs games. :D
1-6 of 6 Results