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  1. General Music Discussion
    Man I would love to see that. Of course he's wearing a wolf howling at the moon shirt in the picture too. I agree with him on a lot of things. But I think he gets the reasons...
  2. General Music Discussion HQ1W_q0D0coOI_Sv6oV3UB1g :lol: At least his bass playing is better than his jokes.
  3. General Music Discussion
    A wide range of covers! From epic multilayered power metal to straight forward punkrock :flex: The Motörhead cover also features my dad on guitar, borrowing my Solar :flex:
  4. General Music Discussion
    Our label (Stormspell Records) is celebrating the 10th anniversery and has invited related bands to record covers of various metal classics for a compilation album, and Rollas are doing the Blind Guardian anthem MIRROR MIRROR featuring guest vocals from Philip Forsell (Tritillion) It's not...
  5. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Hey everyone, So here are the pedals: Way Huge Green Rhino MK II Lovepedal Eternity Burst (clone) Fulltone OCD V1 (clone) Ibanez TS808 modded for TS9 output (clone) The clones are all made from a guy called Jerome. Guitar setup: Carvin DC700 (maple neck through, yada yada yada, check my...
  6. Music: Recording Studio
    I have been "testing and trying" some VST Amps and decided to make a Blind Test to show to some friends, so why not also show it to you guys ;) I wont tell you (for now) what is what, but they range from Free to Commercial, As Cabs I used NadIR with two IRs from Catharsis (1on-pres8 and...
  7. General Music Discussion
    Seeing as there has been som Kai Hansen and Primal Fear threads lately, I thought it's about fucking time we have a Blind Guardian thread!!! Here's a younger Blind Guardian thrashing away with André sporting a 1-humbucker Soloist and Marcus with a RR of some sort! :flex: :flex: :flex...
  8. General Music Discussion
    New Blind Guardian album is out this week. I listened to it this morning and it is excellent :yesway:
  9. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Saw this the other day, figured I'd share. I personally have no clue which is which.
  10. Science 101 with Leon
    Good thread title was tough on this one. Blind Spider Causes Roadblock In Texas - Science News - redOrbit Didn't think I could fit "Endangered species not seen in 30+ years stumbled upon accidentally and dissected on the spot to confirm it was endangered" or any of a dozen other ones. But...
  11. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Courtesy of Lasse over at the Sneap forum: Thread: Kemper vs Mesa BLIND TEST - Ultimate Metal Forum
  12. Art, Movies, Books, TV & Media
    Land of the Blind (2006) - IMDb A really dark political satire. All of the critics absolutely loathed it. I quite liked it.
  13. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    I'm sure most of you may have already seen this but I JUST now came across it :lol: | Electric Guitars | RG1451 IBANEZ RG1451 RG1451NC RG1451AG the Bridge up close I like how this is and I think I may convert back to a Super strat shape if I can get one of these :lol:
  14. General Music Discussion
    Found this clip on another site. I'm not the biggest BG fan, but I dig 'em in small doses.
  15. General Music Discussion
  16. General Music Discussion
    Ah, the mighty Blind Guardian, the behemoth of German power metal. I don't know if there's a band out there that can stand close to them in my estimation. Epic doesn't quite describe them, powerful sounds inadequate, words can't do justice to the experience of seeing these guys live. Watch this...
  17. General Music Discussion
    The argument for blindness: The argument for sight: "Hot dog! We have a wiener!"
  18. Lifestyle, Health, Fitness & Food
1-18 of 20 Results