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    Album stream on Oct-11. > News > DEATH ANGEL To Stream The Dream Calls For Blood On Friday :windmill:
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    ...Fucking Blood Eagle \m/ :eek: \m/
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    FUCKING SLAYS... also video is NSFW :metal:
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    Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Walkthrough Trailer [US] - YouTube
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    Just recently got this after ignoring them forever. Always thought they had to be a bit shitty because I see their shirts on like 50% of the crowd at any extreme metal concert I go to, and my tastes tend to be... less mainstream. (:lol:) But I guess part of the "metal concert crowd goatwhore...
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    Location: Newton, WI International OK? : No Contact Info (No Phone #s) PM, [email protected] References (eBay or other forum userid): toltz on ebay Price (include currency and if firm/obo): $975 USD shipped/firm If interested I will swap the blackouts with an 81,85 set for the same price...
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    This. Frak everything else, I need this.
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    Playing Raining Blood.
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    These guys are awesome dudes, and this album rules. Video's a little weird, but fun, and some cool performance footage, with their actual drummer for a change (had a fill-in for album recording, early touring, and first video). Of course, the somewhat shitty news: ROADRUNNER RECORDS CUTS...
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    For your Wednesday morning.
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    No idea these guys had a new album come out but I just got it and it's pretty good. :metal: If you saw the artwork and layout you'd think it was a game :lol: and the drums are heavy as hell holy crapola.
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    My brother, who's currently in Iraq, asked me to do this. So here it is. No warm up. No practice. All of track 10 in one shot...just press play & go! Enjoy. :kd:
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    Pretty cool stuff.
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    Hey guys, so my band "Machines of Living Death" is working on a new album, and to get our feet wet with the recording process we put together a cover of Reign of Blood to flesh out sounds and do some pre-production. Check it out and let me know what you think...
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    So, I've been watching my buddies in Baptized in Blood have one hell of a year, and it's all lead up to this: their debut album on Roadrunner Records. If all goes well, I'll be partying it up at their CD release show tomorrow night. The CD's officially out Tuesday, but I searched iTunes an...
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    So, my buddies in Baptized In Blood just announced that Dave Mustaine has signed on to co-manage them :eek: Baptized in Blood Managed By Dave Mustaine, Set To Release Self-titled Debut October 19
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    Pretty anti-climatic. Any other fans here? A really good season with a crap ending, IMO. Still, I'll be getting HBO again next summer when season 4 starts. :D