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  1. Guitar: Pickups Discussion
    Ok so first off... Huge fan of Slash's tone. Love it BUT I want something even more bluesy. I guess sort of a mix between Gilmour and Slash's tone. Something smooth and warm I guess. Something that pretty much is good for Rhythm and doesn't jump out. I hate trying to describe the tone I want...
  2. Guitars For Sale / Trade / Wanted
    Hi guise, (First: I live in Finland, so unless you're willing to bring it here or ship...) So, unloaded a guitar, looking for a replacement. Wanting a PRS SE Mikael Åkerfeldt or such, or a strat or such that's cool for rock/blues. Something... traditional. Budget? Well, the PRS mentioned is...
  3. Guitar: Pickups Discussion
    Ok, I've been screwing around with this pickup and how it works with my amp a bit more, and I think I have a better video demonstration of it now: I still can't quite figure out if I like this pickup. I think it's probably better for me than the Heavy Blues (it's definitely more traditional...
  4. Music: Recording Studio
    See what I did there? Just the intro so far, for shits and gigs, but plan to finish the song with vox etc, should be fun!
  5. General Music Discussion
    So, these guys went through the same program in college as me, but a couple years off from me, but I knew them the whole time really, because they were in bands around here at the time, and I always loved the various bands they were in. I hadn't really heard this new band yet, but when I saw...
  6. Music: Recording Studio
    Been mucking about with my new SM57 (thanks santa), and my HT-5. Got this medium gain blues thing with my strat straight in, and a little bit of reverb added afterwards. Playing absolutely sucks, but I was just after a tone test. Almost happy with it, but I want to hear what you think.
1-7 of 7 Results