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    Quick Q for all you guys clued up on the old German beasties. I know some E39's had a 6 speed manual box in them, and the earlier ones had 5 speed manuals. Could I swap out the 5 speed in a 97 E39 for the 6 speed in a later one?
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    Whooo!!! :agreed: :banana:
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    What are good places to look for used BMWs? I'm looking for either an M or Z3 coupe (yeah the one nobody likes lol) :yesway:
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    BMW to recall 150,000 vehicles in U.S. - Business - Autos -
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    I don't know if anyone posted this already.. I searched but didn't find anything so here it it is Do want :D Although I would prefer a black interior...
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    Picked this up today: Some pics from the previous owner: It's an 87 635CSi, has 149k on the clock, in decent shape overall, some attention needed. Guy wanted 2300, I low-balled the shit out of him with an initial $1500 offer, he shot back with $1700, I said sold :rofl: It drives...
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    The victim: The recipient: Things are moving nicely on the swap. Need to find an oil pan from an older 530I, need an oil pickup fabricated, need a set of headers, and a 3" exhaust fabricated... its a long term project though, and I think budget constraints will show soon, because I need to...
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    WANT!!! :yesway:
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    Hell yes. Start about 1:30 in, first bit is all bullshit.
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    I saw the premiere issue of this on the newsstand the other day. Wow. It's a magazine aimed at the cork-sniffers of the guitar world. Doctors, dentists, lawyers, Hollywood actors... people who buy guitars to hang them on their walls like art instead of actually playing them. The magazine is...