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    Seems like something you would share and comment about. GO!
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    I know, shameless self-promotion, but hey, I recorded it all myself in my home studio so at least I can answer any questions about it! :metal: Guitars are mainly my Jackson KV2's and KV4 with a selection of EMGs at 9v & 18v, through my AX8, using the Das Metall and 5153 50W Blue models and the...
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    I've never thought to myself "I'd like an SG", but this one was offered as a trade for my Laney VH100R that had been on sale for about five years. I figured that even if I don't like it, it'd be easier to sell than the Laney! It's not bad though. It has seen some action and I don't know what...
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    When I heard this song for the first time, I knew it needed a metal cover version. Awesome track! Guitars are done with my AX8, using the FAS Brootalz and FAS Modern III models. I'm switching these up with each song I do to see if there's a huge difference, and so far, there really isn't! The...
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    I've had an album pretty much ready to go for my band Fireland for a few years now, but my main band Stormzone has been keeping me busy the past few years. What I need is someone who can record their own vocals... a few of the tracks have vocals written already but the majority still need them...
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    Best part of the oscars. :lol:
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    These guitars are sexy: And I want one. I want to get a custom body for my RG7321 neck and then later on get the neck stained darker and the headstock refinished with a Prestige logo (possibly, we'll see) just because I really love this guitar but wanted an upgrade. Anyone know where I...
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    Christina Hendricks: My Boobs Are Real! | Story | Wonderwall I demand that I personally inspect them to make sure.
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    :yesway: (apologies for the fact that it's a tiny pic :()
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    I was doing some thinking, I was looking at the PRS SE Torero and the guitar is about a grand and BKPs for it is gonna be 300ish. I decided to send a quote to BRJ to see how one of their bolt ons would compare in price. I updated this post to reflect the changes in the spec and the quote along...
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    Looking at Breasts is Healthy Enjoy.
1-12 of 13 Results