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  1. Guitar: Theory & Playing
    My bandmate Emil Westin is participating in Sarah Longfields guitar giveaway contest :) Check it out :flex:
  2. General Music Discussion
    Went to see him last night and he was in great form. That guy can really play and his singing is still very good for a guy who has got to be in his 70s. Scratch that if a guy in his 20s played and sang like that he should be a legend. His playing is excellent... fast little riffs, awesome...
  3. General Music Discussion
    W.T.F.? :lol:
  4. General Music Discussion
    I dunno how old Buddy Rich was here (looks like it must have been just before he died, which was age 69 (dudes!)), but he still had fucking chops for days!
  5. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    I was pretty close to pulling the trigger on a local hardtail strat in a buddy of mine's shop, but then my wife's car needed the same cost in repairs. :lol: (No, wait, :() So, I think I'll instead take some time to sell off some things so that I can just order what I think I really want; that...
  6. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    I was really stressing this one... I thought I was going to have to finally part with this bad boy to make room for some baby shit. Well, this morning I got the bright idea to try to put it in another room. The bathroom! Just kidding. This thing is just perfect for guitars, and it's heavy...
  7. General Music Discussion
    Here is the latest from guitar and bass tracking in the studio for Juggernaut:
  8. General Music Discussion
  9. The Car and Bike Forum
    It is actually not in very bad condition at all. It started getting a crowd rather quickly. Even the ducks started coming over to check it out!
  10. General Music Discussion
    QuadForm A good buddy of mine just completed his instrumental album! Check it out if you dig bands like Isis, Cult of Luna, Crowbar, Gojira and generally anything heavy or post___; not that it is just like these bands but if you dig good riffs and cool leads, I recommend! :cool: I believe...
  11. Computers, Electronics, Gaming & IT
    Just did this. :lol:
  12. Guitar Parts & Accessories For Sale / Trade /...
    Basically new / Case queen. Comes with HSC, hang tags, signed certificate from Buddy...300 units produced. 24 fret ML 3 deg. neck pitch V carve neck Top Mounted Original Floyd Rose w/ longer spring block Dean Blaze Bucker Bridge Pickup Dean Nostalgia Middle Pickup this ML body is thinner than...
  13. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    I just got a Rolls MidiBuddy and my RJM Amp Gizmo doesn't seem to be recognizing it. My chain *was* Nobels MF2 foot controller with 5-pin cable (set to ch1) > RJM (set to ch1) > G-Maj (Set to OMNI). Worked fine, but since the MF2 would freeze on me at times, I'm trying to replace it with the...
  14. The Car and Bike Forum
    This one: Friday night we were having some beers and checking it out. He wasn't there, but his insurance/paperwork was tucked under the strap on the passenger seat, waiting for plates. Got a call this morning from my buddy Tony, the kid took it out last night, illegally passed two cars and...
1-16 of 17 Results