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    Teasing seems to be over, we now know it will not be a Re-Recording but a Cover's Album. First song/video: This might be the list: 1. Inherit The Earth - originally performed by The Accused 2. Honey Bucket - originally performed by Melvins 3. Kerosene - originally performed by Big Black 4...
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    Trying to get my mits on a perpetual burn, but wondering what neck pickup would got with it? I know nothing about seymour duncans btw.
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    Was not expecting it to be here already but perpetual burn as arrived.
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    Pulled this out of my Explorer. I assume it goes for slightly more than $10 shipped. Probably at least $12 on those other less cool forums. I guess it's kind of cool, but I use Tubescreamers religiously. If anyone wants it tell me how hard you are going to burn with it and shoot me something...
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    Love how Reb Beach has interpreted the track, he did quite a fantastic job! However, I still think Aldrich owned this song live:
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    GET IN HERE TREVOR Forget if there are other fans around here. If you don't listen to Negura Bunget, it's not too late to start. And yes, they have flutes. Holy fuck do they have sweet flute action. For those of you who need a brief summation of what they sound like, it's sort of like in...
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    I know some guys here have used this pickup, so what would you recommend for a good neck pickup (and a middle single while we're at it) to pair with the Duncan Perpetual Burn in an alder guitar? Giving some serious thought to trying this out in an Ibby I'm looking at.
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    all sorts of Awesome
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    The Jason Becker Perpetual Burn Humbucker | Seymour Duncan Blog Specs wise this looks like it might be pretty cool.
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    Watch this you shall. :yoda:
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    Ok, maybe a stupid question, but here we go... My boss wants me to burn a music video to a DVD for her (Don't ask why), that will play back on her DVD player. It's a stand alone DVD player, not a computer or PS3 or anything, but she doesn't know the model. What's the best way to go about...
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    I'm not having the best of success with Google. Lots of spam pages geared towards pirates and Torrent-types. :mad: I don't mind paying for something good if it works well, as opposed to fighting with freeware. iDVD doesn't like MKV, and VisualHub is buggy. I'm on the fence about picking up...
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    Hey guys! Part 3 of the thrash and burn tour diary is up on Metal Injection!! This part of the diary is probably my personal fave! PERIPHERY Thrash and Burn Tour Diary 3 - Videos on Demand - Metal Injection Enjoy!
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    Hey guys, So our wonderful tour manager Justin Gosnell filmed a whole ton of stuff from our summer Thrash and Burn tour, and put together a nice little tour diary following our "progress" haha. Here is Part 1 of 4, keep an eye out for the next part which will be uploaded in a few days! enjoy!
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    Dear Hollywood, Knock it the fuck off! Fuck you. I hope you die. regards, Donnie A Total Recall Remake is Very Real - :noway: :noway: :noway: :noway: :noway: :noway: :noway: :noway: :noway:
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    Backing vocals = pure win as always.