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    Exactly like the six string model, but with a Wizard 7 neck, LoPro Edge 7, and a pair of PAF7s. An ash Ibby 7 with a birdseye maple fretboard, and Rich Harris has them up on his site, minimum advertised price of $1399. I may actually grab one of those.
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    Hey guys I'm looking for some advice on my next guitar. I want something that I can play lower tuned songs with and was considering just buying another 6string to throw on something like 12's and tuned in drop B. Then I started to wonder if maybe a 7 string would be an option? Does 6 string...
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    Hi, I'm looking to buy a new amp for practice and for jamming with my friend who plays drums. Im not too familiar with amps so I'm unsure what to get. I'd like to get one that has a nice tone for metal-death metal and all those in between. I have a budget of around $225. I can spend more but...
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    So I would like to buy some sort of DI/Reamp box but not really sure where to start. Just searching Sweetwater for "reamp" brings up all sorts of different little boxes in a bunch of different price ranges :lol:. So......what should I get? Can I get an "all-in-one" box that will be my DI box...
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    ESP Custom Rhoads V Randy RR1 | eBay Dirt cheap.
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    Hey guys - Here's my dilemma. I have a very nice 5150 head in my office, hooked to a well-gigged but fully functional Peavey 4x12. Everything works just fine. But... I can't possibly turn this thing up. Other organisms in the vicinity would be vaporized or, at the very least, irritated...
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    1992 Jackson Dinky XL Professional Electric Guitar | eBay I've checked in on this twice a day for the past two days and can't believe it's still here at such an outstanding price. Resisted the urge to buy it so far, since I don't need more guitars, so one of you should snag it. If you don't...
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    Seriously, this is an outstanding metal album. Their new guitarist adds so much and Bjorn really stretches himself as a vocalist on this one.
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    I want to buy an electric guitar. I want to play metal.I dont want anything tooooooo good, but I want a decent one. I have been playing classical guitar for couple of years so I am not a total newbie when it comes to playing. I was thinking of buying a IBANEZ RG350DXZ but it is a bit too...
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  11. Guitar: Instrument Discussion This color is hot!!! its like road flare red's bastard little brother. I'd buy it if I wasn't saving money for something else!
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    And that's Guthrie.
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    Some schecters and ltds in my price range after selling an acoustic I don't use. Need some help on deciding which to get.... GuitarCenter GuitarCenter GuitarCenter GuitarCenter GuitarCenter
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    Say what you will about the band (and I like them - they're consistently good, and occasionally spectacular), Dave Grohl is one of the coolest motherfuckers in the business. Even in a giant FF-emblazoned "throne" on rails moving forward and backward on the stage with his leg still up and in a...
  15. Guitar: Tech, Electronics and DIY
    Fret Polishing Rubber Erasers 1000 Grit Set of 2 - Philadelphia Luthier Tools & Supplies, LLC These things are friggin' AWESOME. They're easier to use than the Dunlop micofiber fret polishing cloth, don't clog up as quickly, and the frets come out just as smooth and shiny.
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    I have a Rivera KR100 that I love very much, but somehow I've managed to put off a retube for it for uh... 3 years My abilities to procrastinate are legendary. (Though I did have other tube amps on hand for most of the procrastination) Tell me what to buy forthwith, so I can do it ASAP. 4...
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    Everyday i see the "just buy a 5150" sticky. So what happens when you go with your wife on a business trip to Madison Wisconsin and go to random used guitar shops and find one of these old brutes for 400?,you buy it! Ive always considered the combo version to be the most aggressive sounding of...
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    Simply my favorite overdrive ever. It's like adding an extra channel to your amp... On every channel. :agreed:
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    I bought an Ibanez JPM100 P2 and P3 recently, and the P3 (which is very beaten up) sounds drastically different to the P2. It sounds like single coils, not humbuckers. The output jack was a bit funky, so I just replaced it, and hoped that'd fix the issue, but it hasn't. I actually quite like the...
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    Jackson USA Soloist 88' Ontario Made Crackle Finish with Kahler | eBay Who here has $2k and is man enough to buy it?