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    So, we cancelled our $285 a month cable bill with Comcast and got Firesticks instead, and we now get a TON of Canadian TV. That said, we saw a show called "The Beaverton" the other night (kind of like a "Weekend Update" full show), and need to know what day it is usually on and what time, etc...
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    Fun fact: I don't name our songs :lol: Check it out here. It's dark. You'll love it. Video Premiere: Sparrows - "The Written Rules Of Choking"
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    Hey there fellers. I'm Bryce and I'm from the cold white north. I've been playing guitar for 14 years I guess. Got myself a Schecter Loomis 7 sig (old one) and just looking to interact with some like minded people who dig the same shit I do. I do youtube vids and play in a band called "from...
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    My band (and a whole bunch of other local area bands) are playing this new festival on Canada Day weekend (weekend before July 1st), with a bunch of great headliners (including I Mother Earth, one of my biggest influences). It's also hosted by the Trailer Park Boys :lol: (they're not running...
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    Hey guys, new to the forum. Been a guitar player for about 7 years, I mostly play punk and metal (mostly djent) but also play in a Folk Rock/Pop/Indie band, a bit of jazz and country here and there. I also love experimenting with electronic music and synthesis. Looking forward to being here!
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    Two Teens Sent This Lego Man 15 Miles Into Space For $500
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    Back when Much Music was good.
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    Didn't know these existed. I've played a bunch of Godin's, and a few from the Redline series, and they're all really solid. I considered picking up one of the superstrat shaped Redlines a while back when I was looking at H-H "metal" guitars. The real reason this is interesting to me is that...
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    Hi guys ! I´ve been a lurker here for a long time, and I finally decided to introduce myself. French guy, living in Munich (Germany) now. Apparently people at work think I am some kind of researcher but I have no idea what they are talking about. They have good heating during the winter and...
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    Show up to catch the opening acts so you can see my buddies in Baptized In Blood: BAPTIZED IN BLOOD on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads Apparently being on Roadrunner pays off with some wicked tours :lol:
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    I'd like to download some Devin Townsend and SYL mp3's, but the only website I found for that is and it won't let me download mp3's from Canada... doesn't offer mp3 download (:mad:) and you can't download single songs on Devin's website. Help! :(
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    This is weird:scratch: Oh, it's a funky case! I wonder what's in there Oh yea, I ordered a new acoustic! A Nicholson? That's not right :agreed: And my shitty attempts to capture the awesome grain on the back and neck: This guitar sounds so amazing, my last acoustic was an Ibanez...
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    (For those who don't check, or missed my Off-Topic thread, here's one in the right place for discussion of people who are coming to check us out, and for updates from me from the road) My band Terrorhorse is hitting the road with Faceless Hulk to tour across western Canada (and hooking...
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    So, in May, my band Terrorhorse is going on tour across western Canada with Faceless Hulk and we could use some help getting some of the dates booked! Also, I thought it would be really cool to hook up with some of the bands on here for some shows if possible! Here's the tour dates we still...
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    Terrorhorse Faceless Hulk Ninjaspy (this will be updated as shows are confirmed) 28 Apr 2009 TBA Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario 1 May 2009 Black Pirates Pub tour kick-off w/ FACELESS HULK Thunder Bay, Ontario 2 May 2009 Black Pirates Pub w/ FACELESS HULK Thunder Bay, Ontario 4 May 2009 TBA...
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    Belgian grinders LENG TCH'E will return to Canada in late October for a two-week tour with KRISIUN and PAROXYSM. This tour will kick-off on October 30th in Joliette, QC and also include a date as part of the Trois-Rivieres Metalfest alongside DYING FETUS, CRYPTOPSY, OBLIVEON, MARTYR, and many...