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    ..and with "out" I mean that we uploaded it on youtube and bandcamp. Skip the intro if you're not german speaking.
  2. Guitar: Theory & Playing
    I picked up the Andy Martin 7-string chord book and as I started going through the massive number of chords, there are some that I just can't play. My fingers are too short and I don't see anyway around, there are just some things I'm going to miss out on. Has anyone else had this issue and...
  3. Guitar: Theory & Playing
    You can probably file this under "another noob question", but I'm looking for tabs of all the e minor power chords. I know most of them but I think I'm missing a couple. I'm trying to learn them in scale format. I've Google searched them but only found a few and was wondering if anyone has a...
  4. Guitar: Theory & Playing
    Extended & Altered Chords: Expand Your Vocabulary with Advanced Chord Voicings | TAB | GuitarPlayer Haven't read GP in ages, but there's some really useful stuff in here.
  5. Guitar: Theory & Playing
    Hello guys! Here is the thing, I am writing a song with a solo but I have absolutely no knowledge in music theory. It is actually my first attemp to write a guitar solo. I need your advices. During the lead part i play a pattern and I am not sure if the notes matches the rythm guitar (I play the...
  6. Guitar: Theory & Playing
    Hey y'all, What's the consensus here on playing a power chord with your first and third finger vs. first and pinky? I have always used my first and third but always notice when players use their pinky. Is it just a comfort thing or is there some benefit to using the pinky? And, yes, I know...
  7. Guitar: Theory & Playing
    As a largely self-taught player, I learned to play octave chords by fingering one fret with my index finder and muting the next string by covering the next string also with the index finger. A friend saw me doing it, and told me I should be using my middle finger to mute the string. I...
  8. Guitar: Theory & Playing
    Just added this simple lesson video to my Youtube page! I get asked by my students a lot if there are any good tricks to learn what basic chords you can use in every key, so i came up with this simple method to help them out. This isn't a be-all end-all theory Nazi lesson! Just an easy method of...
  9. General Music Discussion
    I would like to check this out, but all I have is a lowly Blackberry. lol I wonder how accurate it is or what it's limitations are?
  10. Guitar: Theory & Playing
    I often find myself playing a riff and thinking hey that would sound awesome with some sweeps over it. Now while going through every arpeggio in my arsenal until I eventually find ones that sound good works, I know there has to be an easier way. Is there any kind of general rule for figuring...
  11. General Music Discussion
    So, I presume that at least some of you play Black Metal songs, and I wondered if you could share some of your favorite chords or progressions, so I can get some new ideas for melodies. An example is this the classic ---5--- ---7--- ---7--- kind of chord. Thanks.
  12. Guitar: Theory & Playing
    I'm completely internet taught, so there are large gaps in my theory knowledge, and I don't have a teacher to ask about my specific misunderstandings, so I'm sorry if this is a novice question. If I were to play an E and an Ab that would be an E major. However, if I were to play the same Ab and...
  13. Music: Recording Studio
    REAPER | Resources It's an add on. Here's the basics of getting it started: So every time you want to add a chord or arpeggio, you need to go into the action list (unless you customize it, of course), but I think it could be really really useful, especially with chords for synths and stuff...
  14. Guitar: Theory & Playing
    Hey guys its me again back with another newbie question. When I was taking guitar lessons I asked my guitar teacher if it should be making scratchy noise when changing between power chords, and how I could minimize it. He told me nothing you could do about it, and it didn't really matter since...
  15. Guitar: Theory & Playing
    OK, we've got one of these for heavy stuff, so let's do one for clean playing.:) To start us off, here's a really cool A minor add 9 voicing in Open C tuning. e----0---- c----0---- G----4---- C----4---- G----2---- C---------
  16. Guitar: Theory & Playing
    OK, everyone submit all their wierder chord voicings for metal rhythm!:) I'm mainly thinking heavy stuff here rather than chimy clean voicings and so forth. I'll kick us off... Here's a variation on the 'prog rock power chord' in DADGAD tuning (or whatever variation you like...Fellsilent...
  17. Guitar: Theory & Playing
    I'm looking to expand my go-to chords, because lately I'm getting bored with my own playing (ugh). What are some flexible, moveable standards?
  18. Guitar: Theory & Playing
    Seriously. I'm just sitting here chugging away on one and grinning. :D (like, play a power chord at the 9th fret, low E, and then add the 13th fret, D string with your pinkie - C#add9. Sounds epic. For even more epicness, try moving the 11th on the A up to 12 and the 13th to 14 every so often...
  19. General Music Discussion
1-19 of 19 Results