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  1. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Looking for some general opinions / assumptions regarding the use of a Messa California Tweed amp for heavy music. I purchased the amp a few years back b/c I like the tweed tubes for jazz. I'm moving into a heavier territory and trying to sort out if I should keep it or trade it for something...
  2. General Music Discussion
  3. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    I was thinking about ordering a 6505 mini and after talking to the sales person I can still get in on to the first batch,but I have yet to see a good demo of the amp in the style of music I play (chug chug chug) but then again I've never had a 5150/6505 I didn't love. So what happens if I order...
  4. General Music Discussion
    Lookin for some heavy chug chug metal with good leads to jam to, have really no idea where to start, other than loltallica, and Pantera, been there done that. Preferably instrumental or not death metal vocals.
1-4 of 4 Results