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    Past due. Go.
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    Paganini_Caprice_16.ptb - FileFactory This time, the first part of Paganini's 'Caprice #16'.:) The pick directions (mostly sweep/economy picking) are notated. Any note without a pick-stroke is to be plucked with the middle finger of the right hand. Have fun with this, as there're some really...
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    Not really a traditional classical tone, but I really like it, and the performance is obviously superb. I really need to get back into my classical playing again...
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    I have a jury in like, an hour, so I figured I'd record a video of myself playing so I can watch it and look for errors. I was pretty happy with how this turned out, a few wrong notes aside. Cross posting to as well
  5. General Music Discussion - Tempus Fusion - UK - Ambient / Fusion / Metal - Night On Bald Mountain - last song on the list I got really bored last night cus i couldnt sleep so i did that. tis jsut guitars and some funk drums for laughs might stick some fat bass on it but yaa