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    Due to COVID-19, Reverb is offering this fairly extensive set of drum samples at no cost: I downloaded them, but haven't checked them out yet.
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    Found an old pic from when I was 13! Blurry, but some good stuff in there. It hasn't changed much from then to now. :lol: Maiden, Crue, King Diamond, Ozzy, Dio, WASP and Queensryche. :metal:
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    This is fantastic.
  4. General Music Discussion
    On March 9, Century Media Records will release "The Complete Collection" by NEVERMORE, an impressive 12-disc CD box set including all studio releases, the "Year Of The Voyager" live album as well as a disc of rarities. Limited to 2,000 copies, it also includes a numbered collector's certificate...
  5. Guitar: Instrument Discussion Ibanez posted a video on their Facebook regarding the Genesis line for 2018 NAMM.
  6. Computers, Electronics, Gaming & IT I don't even have an Xbox One and I've grabbed it. :lol:
  7. Guitar: Instrument Discussion get handed $1000. What do you get? [Mod edit - or 1000 of your local currency] (Fortunately this is not the case for me, but fun) For me, I'd go with a Schecter Banshee 6 Passive with Duncan's. I'd probably have enough left over for a cheapie RG backup or plywood acoustic. What about you?
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  9. Art, Movies, Books, TV & Media Solid. :yesway:
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    I've had to re-rip my whole CD collection several times now, when laptops die/get stolen etc. I'm incredibly bored with the process, so I'm looking to invest in a permanent way of storing all my MP3s. Can anyone recommend a good external hard-drive for this? Don't want to spend a silly amount...
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    Partially inspired by this post of Chris' from when Skolnick was selling off his old music magazines, I went on a big binge recently, roughly doubling the size of my collection of guitar magazines: Massive thanks to my better half for driving 7 (seven) hours in each direction to the capital to...
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    Having a gear clear out and these are on the chopping block, both came direct from Peavey when we had an endorsement with them. Footswitches and leads included, I also have a lead which allows you to change channels via Relay from an Effects unit. XXX comes with a slip cover. 3120 has a few...
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    So, a friend of mine was selling this & she gave me a great deal. As expected, it is a phenomenal playing guitar & performed very well at my performances this past weekend. With the bolt-on configuration, it has a nice in-between mix of Les Paul meets Strat. While I looooooove my PRS SE...
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    Hey guys! I just picked this work of art up recently in a trade. This is made by the one and only Ulrich Teuffel. Initial thoughts: Top notch design, crafstmanship and finish in my opinion. Unique and ergonomic approach. Unlike anything else in my collection. A few things to note. The body...
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    Peavey 6505 and peavey custom cabinet. Made it into a halfback and put in g12t-75 and Vintage 30's in an X pattern. Fender rocpro 1000/Marshall 1922 cabinet with g12t-75's. And my little recto 1x12 with a celestion black shadow.
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    From left to right. Kramer baretta reissue/charvel 375 sparkle green/charvel fusion project/charvel 475 desert crackle/charvel 375 deluxe maple neck.
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    or... part of it, anyway. Jesus.
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    Hey all, Thought you might enjoy this drool-fest. I've seen lots of you posting photos of stunning guitars. Prepare yourselves for an in-store collection of PRS like you've never seen anywhere else in the world. This is at our Ishibashi Store in Shibuya, Tokyo.
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    IBANEZ Genesis Collection fans LISTEN UP!!! Watch this video and if you want the Guitar get in DAMN QUICK!!! I'm going out to lunch right now. I'm sure it'll be sold before the end of the day if not before I get back from my break. And yes, it's in PERFECT condition. Why it's available USED I...
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    I have noticed that I am severely lacking in the 80's metal department. I have lots of punk, classic rock, and acoustic. But my 80's metal consists of Metallica and Megadeth. I'm going to be taking my biweekly trip down to Record Theatre to find some gems in the next few days. I think I'm in...