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  1. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Had two offers this morning too good to say no. Here's a clue to the first one: Now to wait for Randy to guess it before Chris does... :lol:
  2. Art, Movies, Books, TV & Media
    Dresden Files #16 "Peace Talks" out July 14th, #17 "Battleground" coming in Sept. After way too fucking long of nothing happening on that front.
  3. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Another delay pedal. Though more geared towards the classic analog tape echo persuasion. The time I spent just tweaking about was rather brief, but lovely time well spent. Lots of tonal options and I love the playback/feedback button options. I'll probably use this as a mostly studio...
  4. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    Grabbed a few fiddles over the course of the last few months. The other 2 are coming once mods have been done. After buying a Korg RKS keytar a while back, I've been since hunting for a paddle style guitar for some time. Namely for reasons only Philip Bynoe can explain. Saw this old Hohner...
  5. General Music Discussion
    Also new material in 2020. All in for this. :metal: Former MEGADETH Guitarist CHRIS POLAND Signs To DAVID ELLEFSON's COMBAT RECORDS
  6. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Interested to see what it is. The video seems to show concentric knobs, as well as push buttons like the Dimension C. Could be two new pedals. If they did a Metalzone with one of the more popular mods on the Custom switch (like the Wampler or AnalogMan mods), that'd be pretty amazing.
  7. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    Saw this dirt cheap, and I've missed out on a few lawsuit Ibanez models of late. I didn't want to let this one pass. This 2350CS is going to the tech for a good refurbishing, but I'm thinking of some mods. Currently it's got a Duncan 59/Custom combo (the older DC label kind, whatever that...
  8. General Music Discussion
    I'm digging it. Cardinal Copia is interesting so far. New album out is called Prequelle, and as usual the deluxe editions have some pretty unique stuff with them :lol:
  9. General Music Discussion
    All jokes aside, this is a cool thing for kids to be able to hang with their djent idols. I always wanted to smoke chronic and take a few shots with Dime in some shitty backstage area of a club when I was a younger man, but I guess a nice peaceful cabin in the forrest works for these kids. To...
  10. Guitar: Gear Discussion And I fucking can't wait! Edit: Max figured it out. Mesa Boogie Mark V 25
  11. General Music Discussion
    YES. Break out the spandex & Aqua-net. A Sykes fest is coming... Whitesnake jumps to Rhino, self titled album getting a reissue | Metal Insider
  12. Computers, Electronics, Gaming & IT
    Pre-purchase Vanquish on Steam Um, hell yes :metal:
  13. Art, Movies, Books, TV & Media Didn't some of you guys dig the games? Or am I thinking of something else?
  14. Member Introductions
    Here are some lyrics that I wrote a few days ago. Title: Red River Profound animosity A present from the past Cursed thirst for power Carnage forever will last Dragging the waters Until there are no more remains Conflicts internecine Empty land is all that's left from this Ear shattering...
  15. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Funny because I never liked reverb pedals, that is until I bought a Strymon BigSky some time ago. I used it all over my album, all instruments including vocals. Except I've kinda made that my studio tool, and it's too big for my smaller rigs. I needed a smaller reverb, especially for the...
  16. Computers, Electronics, Gaming & IT
    Cool. :yesway: Sony's PlayStation Remote Play Feature Expanding to Mac and PC Tomorrow - Mac Rumors
1-18 of 126 Results