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  1. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Peavey Valveking II Head 100W/25W/5W Tube Head | Was just wondering, because the other seemed like it was haterd vy most of the general puplic :lol: This one is interesting though has the power cut switch, and the usb recording seem cool too.
  2. General Music Discussion
    What are the albums that most people revere as classics that just don't do it for you? I'll start here, since everyone already knows this: Megadeth: Rust in Piece. It seems most folks put this as the top, or second best disc in their catalog. There's not a single song on this album that...
  3. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    I am planning to buy a USA JAckson string thru. I don't want to deal with the hassle of a floyd, and don't even want a whammy, as I think its a crutch for people who can't play to abuse constantly through songs, *duh duh duh whaaaaaaaaaaaa duh duh duh whaaaaaaaaaa* for 10 Will I...
  4. Art, Movies, Books, TV & Media
    Must watch again
1-4 of 5 Results