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  1. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    I repaired an LTD guitar a little while back that had a loud pop coming from the floyd nut when you use the trem arm. The problem was a poor install and gobs of crazy glue under the nut. I have a buddy with an LTD, same issue. I figured I'd be a nice guy and fix his too... nope. This thing is...
  2. General Music Discussion
    sorry if this is a repost guys, but i looked and didnt see it. but here it is Suicide Silence - New Vocalist - "You Only Live Once" Segment - 2013 - YouTube
  3. Guitar: Pickups Discussion
    No pics, so git yer bitchin' out of the way. :lol: Most of you are familiar with this: The EMGs didn't last a week. It had a Wolfetone JB and Jazz rewind in it for quite a while, but the Wolfe JB just wasn't bright enough - this is a really dark guitar. So I (with a little help from Mr...
  4. Computers, Electronics, Gaming & IT
    Fuck Designing Multiplexers. You are a skill i have not yet developed, and with any luck, can walk away without. 01 add 1minus to make the 10 the same as the previous 01? what? ok, thats good, say high to the family, and dont visit anymore. Dave, i know you forgot this shit, but wanna finish...
1-4 of 5 Results