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    I am looking at the FCB for controlling my Lexicon MX200, but I am not sure that it works. Lexicon sells a footswitch for this model processor, which only has 2 buttons (up and down). The website states that it requires "The footswitch must contain two momentary switches with a TRS (tip ring...
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    Dudes on another site I'm on rave about these: FPS Freek by KontrolFreek - Professional Gaming Gear for Xbox 360 & PS3 Shooter Games Just ordered the set, $20 shipped. :yesway:
  3. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Anybody know where I can find an effects controller where I can hook up all my pedals to it then control it from there without pedal dancing and that will connect to an effects loop, amp does not have midi.
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    Looking for a more compact foot controller than the FCB1010. Something like the Roland GFC-50. I dont need expression pedals or anything. Just a few foot switches. Programmable would be nice as well.