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    also, heres a video of the Ben Monder he mentions in the interview. pretty cool shit
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    Gizmodo - Best Video I've Seen Today Will Make You Smile - Songs around the world
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    Some fan's animation. Brutal, yet tasteful. I like the artwork too.
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    I didn't take these but they're cool anyways.
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    Just found this today, I'm a fan of their artwork on deviantart, and apparently they've branched out into sound/music as well, and I'm really liking what they've got up so far. Flesh-Like on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads
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    I actually really like that.
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    My guitarist just dropped this off for me to run through it. Apparently, the guys house he was painting had it sitting around for many years. The price? $450:yesway: A 1947 Gibson L-7.
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    Metallica All Nightmare Long Music Video on Yahoo! Music
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    ...I found cleaning the shop tonight. Dimebags first Washy prototype just after I built it, and the first white-wood MG sample on the right. Picture was taken in the sound room at the Washburn Custom shop on Elston Ave in Chicago circa `93. The amps and rack gear was all of Grover Jacksons...
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    It's MIDI, so the sound quality isn't great, but I think it's a good song with thoughtful orchestration. Stuff like this is awesome :yesway:.
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    Post some cool bands you found on myspace. - EARLY MAN (EP out Oct. 14th) - NYC/LA, New York - Metal / Thrash / Punk - - Maylene and the Sons of Disaster -...
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    sup guys, djpharoah here... another forum for me to load when I start Firefox.. I hope this place is easier on the wallet than was for me :rofl: