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  1. General Music Discussion
    Just read it on NILE FB page announcing their new Tour Supporting Overkill and got surprised on this: -We would also like to announce that Dallas Toler-Wade has decided to leave the band to focus on his own plans and recordings. We want to thank Dallas and wish him all the best in his future...
  2. General Music Discussion
    source: Steve Vai Hands His Guitar to Andy Timmons During Dallas Show | GuitarPlayer
  3. General Music Discussion
    ...from Dallas last night, streamed on Yahoo: Yahoo is kicking ass this week.
  4. Member Introductions
    Hey all, GATA4 just giving a shout...I thought I would come check out this place, as a I have been an active member over at for a few months now. Anyway, for the metalguitarist natives, I'm a student and I am POOORRR hahaha...that's basically the story of my life so now you...
  5. General Music Discussion
    Not sure if there's much Dallas membership, but I thought I'd plug it anyway. :lol: Also, have a listen to what I've recorded on our myspace... Pretty rudimentary stuff, but it gets the job done. The Gravestones ("86" is terrible... but we plan on rerecording everything with the newly retubed...
  6. General Music Discussion
    Anyway heard of these guys, the music sounds OK, dont care for the vocalist clean voice. Video Clip on the website. Free Reign on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads
1-6 of 8 Results