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    Cross posted from SSO, so please forgive the format as well as the ghetto guitar stand in the pics :lol: Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: BC Rich Ironbird Limited in pearl white, with silver bevels and a black/dark grey binding on the headstock and very large pearl inlay (1st point...
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    He would play this: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: I fully expect a Simmons
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    This just showed up, but I have to run to work so I only had a minute or two to check it out. This is the original flat-top model. I was kinda hoping that I'd get the 2012 model with the beveled top, but with a 15% discount from MF and for the price, I'm not overly concerned about it. It has a...
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    I dig this a lot. It's way more melody than shred and that's all good with me.
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    se navarro |
  6. MG.ORG Status Updates
    Nice job guys. :yesway:
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    BKPs? Really!?
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    Hi,I want to trade my v for a 7string, its in good condition with one ding up to headstock,no mods, comes with dean hard case and dunlop staps. More pics Dean dave mustaine V pictures by ntroulis - Photobucket Looking for schecter, esp ltd, or something else 7 you want to trade, i can add cash...
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    He has a pretty cool collection. Shame he can almost never remember what he uses for pickups. :lol:
  11. Guitar: Pickups Discussion
    ... and it never even makes it into one of Dave's guitars. :lol: I had needed to change out the bridge pickup in my Jackson Dinky for a while, since the JB wasn't cutting it for the cover band - it was fine when I was playing metal with the guitar, but it wasn't doing the low-gain thing too...
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    "Sometimes you turn around, and your bassist is a helicopter." :lol: :lol: Ridiculous hair aside, fucking awesome band.
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    Looking to put it in my student soloist (Rosewood FB, Maple Neck, Poplar body). Any other Seymour Duncan's I should consider?
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    Since we have a thrash thread, I thought we should have an industrial one too. So, so all of you who like your music with weird noises in it, this is the place for you. Here's a few obvious and not so obvious one's to kick off, so get posting your faves...
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    This past weekend I set up a small business on Google Apps Enterprise. They had already gotten their domain, along with hosting for their website. So I had them log me into the interface for it, changed teh MX records, and bingo. Damn, is it ever easy. I can't see why a small to medium-sized...
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    :rofl: Just got done working (4 am :rant:) and had a chance to unbox these and put it all together So far they sound great (a lot better than the Alesis monitors i was running them through) :yesway: A better review in the morning after i get some rest :metal:
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    Delete this if its been posted already. YouTube - "Season 6 Opener: Groove Yourself!" - Riff Of The Week® - 11/24/10 (S6:E1)
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    Stopped at McDonalds the other day and found this in the car park: Very, very clean (I suspect it's had a resto of some sort), and the numberplate is perfectly suited to the car. Plus. when did anyone last see a real Golf Rallye on the road?
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