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  1. General Music Discussion
    Wasn't a big fan by any stretch, but still sad, and no age to go.
  2. General Music Discussion
    Holy Sh!t- EVH is dead According to TMZ...
  3. General Music Discussion
    2020 takes another one Quiet Riot's Frankie Banali dead at 68/
  4. General Music Discussion Man this year has been off to a devastating start. :(
  5. Art, Movies, Books, TV & Media :(
  6. General Music Discussion
    Lawrence "Larry" Carroll, the Australian-born, American-raised painter who was responsible for creating the cover artwork for SLAYER's "Reign In Blood", "South Of Heaven", "Seasons In The Abyss" and "Christ Illusion" albums, has died at the age of 65. His death on Tuesday morning was announced...
  7. General Music Discussion :(
  8. Art, Movies, Books, TV & Media Stroke. :( Hey, everyone of you who eats like shit, smokes and doesn't exercise - stop doing that shit and get healthy! :scream:
  9. General Music Discussion
    Maybe not everyone's cup of tea, but The Prodigy had a huge affect on me as a teenager. Seems like he took his own life RIP :(
  10. Computers, Electronics, Gaming & IT
    Surprised there isn't a thread on this already. After falling in love with GTAV I knew I HAD to get RDR2, though I hadn't played the first one. Aside from a few buggy things that I'm sure R* will straighten out, this game is really fucking great. The immersion and move-like feel of it is...
  11. eBay Auctions
    Asking $65 Canadian in my eBay ad, but you guys get it for $60 Canadian if you contact me here. That'll save me on fees. Protone Dead Horse Overdrive | eBay
  12. General Music Discussion
    So Nikki Sixx has a radio/youtube channel where he interviews all these rockstars (John 5, Steve Vai, Phil Collen, etc) and they all are fairly awesome interviews from what I've seen so far. However, then I found this new interview he did with Ozzy and Zakk Wylde. :lol: It's even funnier if...
  13. Art, Movies, Books, TV & Media
    RIP :( Playboy | Hugh Hefner
  14. Art, Movies, Books, TV & Media
    please be a hoax George Romero Dead: 'Night of the Living Dead' Director Dies at 77 | Variety
  15. General Music Discussion
    The accident happened when a tractor-trailer veered off Interstate 75 near Micanopy and struck the band's RV that had pulled off the highway with a flat tire. :eek:
  16. General Music Discussion
    Doesnt have the same "in your face" feeling as the original but I really dig it.
  17. General Music Discussion
    Chris Cornell dead at 52 Chris Cornell, Audioslave and Soundgarden singer, has died aged 52 Seriously? :(
1-17 of 162 Results