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    All Four Members Of "Decapitated" Arrested On Suspicion Of Kidnapping - Rock Feed
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    Looks to me like he's using one-finger barre chords, and at times when he's chugging the open B5 he's clearly not fretting anything. Not a massive fan of the song on the whole, but just how fucking SICK is that section starting at 2:55? That riff, and then when the whole band come back in...
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    WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Decapitated
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    I don't know if there's any fans in here but just in case there is one or two. I think it's a pretty cool song. The main riff is fucking cool and that guitar tone is pretty fucking ace.
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    Decapitated - Spheres of Madness (Clarinet Cover) - YouTube
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    1:10 :lol: Such an unfortunate typo. Killer song, though.
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    Decapitated Survives Plane Crash, Cancels Shows - in Metal News ( Metal ) Wow
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    Massive disappointment. I don't want Meshuggah (you know what I mean :naren:) type djent grooves in my death metal. At least they have one of the most pwn-worthy back catalogue ever. This shits all over repetitive low tuned grooves.
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    Check out this band Xenocide, wicked stuff. Super groovey. Their other stuff they're working on isnt quite as groovey but is more interesting.
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    :( They were losing me already with the writing style on Organic Hallucinosis. The first three albums are some of the best death metal out there, and I was hoping they would go back to that style. Unfortunately not. End judgment reserved till I hear the songs in their entirety. I like my...
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  13. General Music Discussion Blogs - DECAPITATED MySpace Blog there is a link to the guitar, which is just a single pickup jackson RR but it's been used on obituary and deicide recordings and tours. pretty cool if you actually like real death metal.
1-13 of 13 Results