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    This is part of the reason why it took me almost 6 hours to rewire my rack. :noway:
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    This is a pretty nifty idea. I like the idea that you can piggyback that USB charger into the adapter.
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    BLABBERMOUTH.NET - EDDIE VAN HALEN Suing NIKE Over Shoe Design Ah yes, Eddie Van Halen. The Monster Cable of washed up guitar heroes. Hey Ed: fuck you. I used to love your playing, love your music, and generally loved everything Van Halen did. But now I think you're just another litigious...
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    This is fun from the "other" board. Design your Own Les Paul <---- Clicky! Here is mine:
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    Once the mark comes in, im gonna build a new pedal board, since where upgrading to a place with a room for my office desk and guitar shit. Its much more organized than this (read not to scale) but this is the gyst of the physical layout. Also, i have it figured out how i can have only one cable...
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    Hey guys, got a few treats for all of y'all! First off we uploaded a fun little tour video from our last tour in 2008 with This Time It's War, and it has plenty of us being absolutely brainless as well as some decently captured performances of "Far Out", "Zyglrox" and "Insomnia" and a bit of...
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    You can have as many variations as you want! Set out the specs, and even photoshop some pics if you can.:) Six-string version Alder strat-style body 25.5" maple neck w/ rosewood board. Reverse Strat-style headstock. 24 jumbo frets. Original Floyd Rose, set fully floating with some extra wood...