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    Its not Warrel (or supposed to be) but damn... that's some really amazing vocal range there.
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    Andy Timmons Fans I just saw this on FB Link to brief video: :shredder::shredder::shredder:
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    Not my cup of tea... but some might enjoy it
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    Hey everyone, Mixed this track for a mix competition and for practice. I tried to get a good balance between all the instruments. Feel free to critique it.
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    Mike Portnoy pissed that hospital wouldn't treat him like someone important This dude....
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    Hey all, It's that time of year again, Christmas shows. Every year, Every Time I Die puts on 2-3 Christmas shows here in Buffalo. This year, I went last night on the second night. The lineup included: Wreckage (Buffalo hardcore with a metal edge) Kills and Thrills (California metal) Code...
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    Hoe. Lee. Fuck. This needs to be heard by everyone who likes death metal.
  10. Computers, Electronics, Gaming & IT
    This game looks like it would be fun as hell to play. (Not sure if the videos are emmbedding but its worth the watch.) Kickstarter if you want to help. 7 Days to Die - Zombie Survival Game by The Fun Pimps Entertainment LLC - Kickstarter And Stream Green Light If you don't want to give...
  11. Guitar: Tech, Electronics and DIY
    Seriously, whoever had the "bright" idea to make the hole on the front smaller than the one on the back with a step can just go and die. Every time I change the strings on my Stef I have to keep trying the strings again and again and again until I magically strike it lucky and line them up with...
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    An oldie but still fucking hilarious :lol:
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    Behold The Call of Leon! This is from last night's Meh-Tallica gig. They kicked all kinds of ass. Shame the Pink Floyd tribute band and their 45 minute sound check, epic unnecessary encore and their playing of all of Dark Side of the Moon cut into the best band on the bill's time on stage...
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    maybe better than current day 'tallica? You decide :lol:
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    Natalie Portman Gives Birth: Oscar Winner Has Son That's what I think of when I saw this online tonight. Friggin' Lucas. There are still so many plot points in the prequels that make NO sense. :noplease: