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  1. The Car and Bike Forum
    All I care about anymore is cars anyways, so what are you driving and what are you planning on getting soon? POST PICS!
  2. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    So I've got myself an Audio-Technica System 8 wireless, and it's been giving a shit-ton of issues for a while now, and now that it's basically the only thing left in common between all of my rigs that I've used, I'm really beginning to realize that this has been the cause of a lot of my issues...
  3. Computers, Electronics, Gaming & IT
    Seems last gen we had a lot of guys here on Forza 3 and 4, but I haven't seen anything pop up for these types of games lately? Anyone playing anything this gen? Forza 5, Horizon? I picked up Driveclub back when it came out and Project Cars a couple of weeks ago. DC was terrible in November...
  4. Finance & Economics
    Tax Burden in U.S. Not as Heavy as It Looks, Report Says - This is actually a surprisingly interested read - the gist is that an academic is arguing that based on effective rates many US companies pay lower taxes than if they were domiciled abroad, and all their cash that's...
  5. General Music Discussion
    My favorite Priest song!
  6. Finance & Economics Emphasis mine.
  7. Computers, Electronics, Gaming & IT
    This is how good car crashing in video games is about to become Holy crap this is awesome
  8. Science 101 with Leon
    This is a new issue that popped up in the last couple of weeks, and before I call an electrician to check/replace my house ground, I figure I'll ask you dorks if you have any ideas. I'm getting EMI noise on every one of my guitars, through both the Axe-Fx and my 6505. My house is a side-by-side...
  9. General Music Discussion
    I bet your getting sick of my long posts huh? Well; heres another one I' afraid... So I’ve just started University doing a course in Commercial Music; which I quite enjoy. That was until we were issued with our instrumental tutors; of which I have two, one for notation and acoustic techniques...
  10. Computers, Electronics, Gaming & IT
    How a smartphone camera can cut fuel costs 20% at rush hour | ExtremeTech I remember running this experiment in high school. Use an odometer to accurately gauge the distance between a series of traffic lights. Record the on/off intervals of each light and make a distance vs. time plot showing...
  11. Guitar: Theory & Playing
    Help a brother out. Toss me some slick patterns that are more/less than 3NPS, and aren't pentatonic. :wub:
  12. The Car and Bike Forum
    Jesus fucking christ this guy can drive :eek: His segment on Top Gear is just as awesome.
  13. The Car and Bike Forum
    On the 15th of October. I'm fairly confident, just need to master the right and left hand turns and I think I'll be good. I got fairly decent with the figure 8's, and my slalom is alright. Probably not the best, but I think good enough to pass the test. I'll be practicing more with a coworker...
  14. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    So my buddy has been hot to pick up one of these for a few weeks now and he gives me a call a few days ago. He lives in Missouri and he found one up here in MN where I live. So to get to the point, I ended up picking it up for him and I'll have it around the house for about a month before I...
  15. Computers, Electronics, Gaming & IT
    So I update iTunes the other day, and now every song or video link I click on with Firefox opens with Quicktime, and it's driving me nuts. I'm running Vista, and I have Windows Media Player set as the default for everything, I have disabled Quicktime from being the default for anything, and I...
1-16 of 23 Results