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    Do you hate good tone? Is chainsaw black metal grind your thing? Do you run a Metal Zone into your Crate full stack? Do you think Dimebag used too much mids? Do you own a Mark V and run the gain, treble and presence on 10? WELL TODAY IS YOUR LUCKY DAY FRIEND. Ol' Papa Quigs has JUST the...
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    Hey guys I'm going to be putting Graph Tech's Acousti-Phonic and Ghost Saddle system into my 8 string soon, and I'm trying to figure out the best and most cost-effective way of switching between Piezo's and Mags at speed. On one of my tracks particularly (The Epic) I'll play Acoustic in the...
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    with fuckin' Nobease®.
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    I've got GAS again, but I'm not sure if there's even a guitar out there that I could aspire to getting that fulfils my desire without going custom. What I'm after is a superstrat (6 or 7, though I'm leaning more towards a 6), with the following specs (new or used): Body: Alder, ash or mahogany...
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1-5 of 6 Results