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    Hey guys, this guitar has gone around here a couple times, and I've even bought it twice (sold it the first time to fund a vacation, missed it a crapton and bought it again). I'm really gassing for a custom Carvin 7, so I'm doing everything I can to raise some funds for it. Brief & Accurate...
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    So what do you guys use on your ebony boards. Id use lemon oil, but its a mixed bag of opinions when i look on the net to see if lemon oil is good.
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    Pardon the bad pic, cloudy and grey outside. Picked these up for $15 at GC, looks a lot nicer. :) Before: After:
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    You may remember these guitars from such fine posts as I've Got Wood! I've Got Wood! Pt. 2, They Merge (KxK Sii-7 Progress) I've Got Wood! Pt. 3, A New Board In Town (KxK Sii-7 Progress) This is where they are today First up is ******... ****** would have already come home to dinner, but...
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    So progress has been made, we have gone from this to this when they grow up they will be guitars :D
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    :wavey: This is a mockup of my ET custom to-be which Randy very kindly made for me. I have ordered the neck, and once that is payed off, I will order the body. :) Why didn't I order them both at the same time? I'm broke (:lol:), and the neck appeases me whilst I wait for the body. :D Note the...
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    Ibanez :: Acoustic Guitars :: MSC700NT
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    I just wanted to see if anyone would be interested in a neck swap. I have an Intrepid Standard from the first run with the maple fretboard. The neck is in excellent condition (like new) and i'd be interested in swapping it + some cash for a neck with an ebony board. If anyone out there has an...