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    I just picked this up this weekend: Bagombo Snuff Box: Uncollected Short Fiction - Kurt Vonnegut - Audio Compact Disc (ISBN 9781598875546) - Buy Books, Music and Movies at Borders ...which, I'll be spinning in my car for the next week or more :yesway:
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    I have here a lovely Ibanez LE 6 string. It's not very old, last year i got it (around november? :scratch:) but it too has to go, to help fund my new rig of doom. Price: $570AUD/$460USD/£280GBP + shipping It has some pick marks around the strings, and a ding on the bottom, rear of the guitar...
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    I have a 2005 Yamaha Raptor 660. This is the all black Limited Edition. ALWAYS garage kept. No rust anywhere, has been ridden very little since new, less than 40 hours. Has the Trinity Racing full racing exhaust & has been jetted for it. BRAND NEW Douglas Racing aluminum Quad-Rok wheels with...
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    Dateline: January 29, One Mr. Eelblack2 posts a classified ad for several items. That night, after some deliberation with my ever-tolerant girlfriend I stake my claim to one while I have the chance. Dateline: January 30, I initiate a transfer of funds from my...
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    Speed N' Spikes is a series of five limited edition split 7″ releases from ten of the best underground thrash metal bands today. Volume four features all new and exclusive material from EARLY MAN and RAMMER. This split 7″ is available now and includes the EARLY MAN track "Tormentor Of The...