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  1. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Behold, the Mesa Headtrack! This thing actually works way better than the Radial so I'm really glad I upgraded. The switching is quite a bit faster and it draws less power, almost as though the buffering on the inputs is of higher quality. I have something in the loop and it's really handy to be...
  2. General Music Discussion
    NSFW. Kinda. Just to be sure. Stupid but I still laughed.
  3. Music: Recording Studio
    I've searched, bought and tried so many Kemper profiles I have been thinking about selling it... But that's not going to happen now I'm pretty sure of! I've come to realize that the types of tones I'm after are pretty "unique", and I will NEVER find a Kemper profile that sounds the way I want...
  4. Art, Movies, Books, TV & Media Shiny! will watch. Also, while we're at it: :(
  5. General Music Discussion
    I'm part of an online metal community called MRU Metal Forums. At MRU I run a little metal tournament each month called Metal Madness Metal Madness History It's set up similarly to the march madness basketball tournament where teams face off against each other and advance in rounds...
  6. General Music Discussion
    About time! :yesway: BLABBERMOUTH.NET - FATES WARNING To Enter Studio In April, Tour U.S. In The Fall
  7. General Music Discussion
    Hello, guys! Our video was posted here earlier this year, and seemed to get some positive feedback! (We were called A.I ACT back then!) We've been working our asses off writing material, spreading our music and we got time to perform our music live ONCE, hehe. But now we're all set to enter...
  8. Music: Recording Studio
    Hi guys, here is the song called "Enter Through The Sun". It's an atmospheric/post metal song with some djentish influences Big thanks to Piotr Gruszka, who's made a fantastic guitar solo! Mp3: Enjoy!
  9. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    Updated 8-24-2012 Bumped for more progress pics. I'm currently sticking to the koa build only, so it's starting to look like a guitar! And a video of some lights >:) VIDEO0008.mp4 video by guitarbuilder93 - Photobucket Update 5-21-2012: Made some...
  10. General Music Discussion
    8 to 10 yo. Cute! Enter Sandman Metallica by The Mini Band 8 to 10 years old - YouTube!
  11. General Music Discussion
    Once again, Andy Rehfeldt proves he is the man
  12. General Music Discussion
    Wu Tang Vs The Beatles // Current Not really my usual sort of thing by any means, but a buddy sent me this this morning, and I have to say I'm kind of amused. :D
  13. Sports Talk
    Since I've been running more lately and trying to lose a few (ok, more than a few :\ ), I picked up some proper running shoes to replace my ~$50 Nikes. :yesway: NikeStore. Shop the Official Nike Store for Shoes, Clothing & Gear As soon as my healthy Chipotle :lol: settles, I'm going to take...
  14. Metal News Feeds
    British technical metallers THE BOY WILL DROWN are currently in the studio recording their first ever album.The band, who recently signed a multi-album, worldwide recording deal with Earache Records, are following in the footsteps of their idols DECAPITATED, having entered Hertz Studios in...
  15. Metal News Feeds
    Norwegian Death Metal veterans BLOOD RED THRONE announced today that after receiving the green light (from its current record label Earache Records) to enter the recording studio, all live activities for the remains of 2008 is canceled to solely focus on finish the material for its 5th studio...
  16. Metal News Feeds
    POISON THE WELL are expected to enter the studio in November with producer J Robbins (AGAINST ME!, CLUTCH, PAINT IT BLACK) to begin recording their fifth full-length album for a May 2009 release via Ferret Music. More...
1-18 of 18 Results