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  1. General Music Discussion
    Good stuff as usual. I'm guessing he got around the copyright issue at the end by using a live clip instead of the actual piano part. Some cool bass stuff going on in there I never even noticed before.
  2. General Music Discussion
    I remember a buddy of mine got this on VHS when i was in my teens and we would go to his place a bunch just to sit down and watch this show from beginning to end.
  3. General Music Discussion
    Not exactly surprising, as I understand he'd been in a bad way for quite a while, but still really sad. RIP
  4. General Music Discussion
    Even if you don't stay for the riffs, worth it for the comedy factor :lol:
  5. General Music Discussion
    These guys are fucking INSANE. The most criminally underrated/unknown band out there. I love Intelligent Design, one of my favorite relatively recent records. In the midst of listening to this one. Very Faith No More esque. But incorporates their usual bizarre structures (Watchtower and stuff...
  6. General Music Discussion
    First Listen: Faith No More, 'Sol Invictus' : NPR A couple tracks in and I'm enjoying it so far.
  7. General Music Discussion
  8. General Music Discussion
    This guy. :yesway: Pre-sale went on sale at 10am this morning. Official FAITH NO MORE site:: Tour Dates Go get ya some!
  9. General Music Discussion
    Shit yes. :metal: Faith No More to Release First Album in 18 Years | Rolling Stone
  10. Sports Talk
    This is beyond awesome.
  11. General Music Discussion
    Really long video but kinda cool. The making of my favorite FTM album. :yesway:
  12. General Music Discussion
    Sup dudes! Sitting here in the uk waiting for it to be tomorrow so i can catch my flight home and i figured i would be a good boyfriend and post up a video of my girlfriend Faith playing the first few riffs of "Waves" as Guthrie is obviously one of our fave guitarists ever! She's using her...
  13. General Music Discussion
    The official statement from the band: Faith No More has always stood out as some sort of unique beast; part dog, part cat--its music almost as schizophrenic as the personalities of its members. When it all worked, it worked really well, even if the chemistry was always volatile. Throughout our...
  14. General Music Discussion
    As a joint birthday/Valentines present my fiancee bought me tickets to Defenders of the Faith, primarily because Dimmu Borgir were playing and we both love them. First up was Five Finger Death Punch. Now, I've never heard of these guys before, but they really had the crowd going so I guess I...
1-14 of 16 Results