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  1. General Music Discussion
  2. Computers, Electronics, Gaming & IT
    Just buy it. Fantastic game. Plus, the kid plays a space guitar in it, so there's that.
  3. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    :scream: Took a trip into London today, specifically Denmark Street. Quite disappointed with the street now, it's nothing like it used to be. However, WestSide music had a great section downstairs full of Schecters and Mesa amps. This fucking thing is awesome. I've fallen in love with...
  4. General Music Discussion
    ...with ROCKA ROLLAS :flex: HAH!!! Anyway I just reamped the entire upcoming album "Celtic Kings" for the thousenth time so I just wanted to play along with my favorite solo on the entire album for fun :cool: So yeah this is just a half decent playthough not the official recording.
  5. Amps & Gear For Sale / Trade / Wanted
    As I said in the Vypyr post, I'm simply selling this as my 5150 GAS is hitting epic proportions. Nice 2 channel 60W hot rod Marshall type amp, with built in switchable effects. If you want the sound of the 80's on a budget, this will do it. For full specs: Ashdown Engineering | Guitar...
  6. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Seeing as the powertubes have died, I need new tubes. It currently has a full set of JJ's with EL34 power tubes, and fixed bias. My last one got a high gain JJ set with E34L's, but I'm open to options. What other tubes are equivalent? I *think* KT77's and 6CA7's, but I've never used either of...
  7. General Music Discussion
    ... but this, and the rest of their back catalogue, just keeps dragging me back like pretty much no other. (see 2:26 onwards) What a fucking amazing band.
  8. Computers, Electronics, Gaming & IT
    I was bored at home, so I decided to start playing this game after not playing it for maybe 10 years (or more). To my surprise it has aged really well, and even the graphics look relatively fresh for a game that came out in 1997. :metal: You could call this the predecessor to the Total War...
  9. General Music Discussion
    All of the original members with a new chick that sounds just like Amy Lee. We Are The Fallen - "Going Under" at SIR Studios on Yahoo! Video
  10. Art, Movies, Books, TV & Media
    HOLY FUCKING SHIT! I just went to the 12:01 showing and my god, it was fucking awesome despite what ANYONE else has told you. The UK crowd got to see it 2 days ago (you smarmy cocks) but seriously, it's so fucking good. Shia LeBouf DIDN'T fucking ruin this one. So many robots fucking destroying...
  11. Art, Movies, Books, TV & Media
    Contains pics of two of them, so don't click if you want to wait to see them! First look: Robo-brawlers big, small in new 'Transformers' - This sounds veeeery promising!
  12. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Whipped up something for ya guys to listen to, this setup roars now. This clip was recorded with the mids at 0 by the way :eek: and bass at like 1/3 putfile
1-12 of 14 Results