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    Top Fantasy Series Not Named 'Game of Thrones' That Deserve TV Shows | Ology Couldn't agree more with the top 3. :yesway:
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    So I've been doing some housecleaning/donating lately and I remembered from discussions here on numerous subforums that alot of you uncultured heathens somehow missed out on some of the greatest classic computer games of our time. You guys have to pay for shipping though, my charity doesn't...
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    I know some of you monkeys play - do some theorizing here :) Do I start Brett Favre or Matt Ryan this week? Favre didn't look that great last week, but I feel like he could pull out some good games, especially early in the season.
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    Anyone else playing this? It's currently consuming my life (along with Bad Company 2) and I just started chapter 7. Only my second Final Fantasy game, the first being FFX on ps2 (which I rather enjoyed) and it's pretty good so far. 14 hours in and the pre-rendered cutscenes still leave me...
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    So I've joined a fantasy football league. I'm only a mild football fan (I'll watch home team games, but that's about it) and I've never done this before, so if someone could point me in the direction of some basic strategies, or maybe a book or two? (Man, I'm a dork...) I decided on draft...
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    Final Fantasy 7 Greatest Hits edition - eBay (item 220330715228 end time Dec-18-08 20:54:27 PST)