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  1. General Music Discussion
    This is so cool haha!!! Well, if you can read german :flex: Of course, as always when one makes interviews, there's ALWAYS going to be something that's been edited so it's completely wrong; the text suggests I was into punk and "then became a metalhead" when I heard Iron Maidens Brave New...
  2. Guitar of the Month
    MG Featured Guitar: May/June 2013 - Seanbabs' Sherman Custom 7 Congrats to Sean for winning the vote for MG's latest Featured Guitar with his gorgeous, impossible-to-photograph Sherman custom! This guitar is actually purple, but sunlight brings out all sorts of highlights in the quilt. Sean has...
  3. Guitar of the Month
    Congrats to ahull123 for winning the vote for MG's latest Featured Guitar with his absolutely jaw-dropping custom Ibanez 8 string that was four years in the making and dubbed the "Multiverse". There is an unbelievable amount of detail, creativity and customization on this amazing one of a kind...
  4. General Music Discussion
    Thanks to Total Deathcore on facebook/youtube for posting up the first full looks at two of the songs on the album! Stay tuned for my Free Release of it 9.11.12! I hope yall enjoy, and always feel free to give some feedback positive or negative!
  5. General Music Discussion
    Hey guys I wanted to share this little post from their site about featuring Hand of Taurus. As a few of you know from the Sevenstring Forums, thats my personal project that I have also burdened on this wonderful site now. The actual interview will be in their August edition but they went ahead...
  6. General Music Discussion
    Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia :metal:
1-6 of 9 Results