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  1. Computers, Electronics, Gaming & IT
  2. General Music Discussion
    Robb Flynn Is Literally Sh*tting Himself Onstage - MetalSucks But this is entirely new levels of devotion. I don't care if he hasn't been cool since Vio-lence and Forbidden. This does all of metal proud.
  3. General Music Discussion
    "Twisted into Form" This album kicks serious ass! I remember picking this shit up when I was like 16 and thinking HOLY FUCK! This guitar player is insane! I had never really ever heard anyone play lead with that phrasing before....It was totally original, different, and I loved...
  4. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    I hate trying out wahs. It's such a personal thing. Tried out a bunch at a shop this Sunday and was feeling the EVH Dunlop one the most. Didn't buy it because there was still other stuff I wanted to try out before making a decision. Examples of the kind of sound I want in the topic title. I...
  5. Art, Movies, Books, TV & Media
    Anybody see this movie yet? I thought it was a great movie. Jackie Chan and Jet Li's fight scene was pretty cool too. :ninja:
1-6 of 6 Results