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    One of these popped up on Reverb. Didn't know they made these. Very weird, but pretty cool. I like the underdog appeal. Pretty much the same thing as the Ibanez Ghost Rider. That tuxedo inlay is also awesome...
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    Carbon fiber body, TTV6 ecoboost, carbon ceramic brakes, aluminum subframe. :yum: New Ford GT Supercar Revealed At 2015 Detroit Auto Show
  3. The Car and Bike Forum
    Does anyone here own or have driven the newer model Ford Fusion or Focus? I would love to hear your thoughts on them.
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  5. The Car and Bike Forum
    You stuff a SB Chevy engine in it!:metal:
  6. The Car and Bike Forum
    Saw one of these on the highway today - what a sharp looking car. I had a 2010 for a rental a while back and loved it. It's rare that I actually like a Ford, but I'd drive the shit out of this.
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    Of doom? :lol: File this under "thread titles I never thought I'd make".
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    2012 Ford Mustang Sports Car | See the 2012 Mustang Car & Convertible Available in V6, GT, Boss 302, Shelby & GT500 Models | As advertised, the V6 gets 31 MPG at 305HP and the V8 gets 26 MPG at 412HP. I find that pretty impressive for a sports car. My step dad is going through his...
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    Jesus fucking christ this guy can drive :eek: His segment on Top Gear is just as awesome.
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    I was coming out of the wash today, and saw this thing getting detailed. Apparently the owner picked it up for $800, and it has 22k original miles on it. I'd drive the shit out of this. :lol:
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    Pretty cool stuff! Having it read twitter posts is kinda silly. But being able to run phone apps over top of it via bluetooth (like pandora) is pretty fucking neat! And hey, you can change to color of your cupholders ;)