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  1. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Now working on this one Metal Body General Lee
  2. General Classifieds
    I'm pretty sure I have more, in far from done sorting/packing books. I have about 30 boxes of books too many for my new place, so some books have to go. I'll give these to the first regular poster that agrees to cover shipping. Note I won't be shipping until probably mid February. I'll...
  3. Lifestyle, Health, Fitness & Food
    Post your routines, questions, goals, personal records. If it involves picking heavy things up and putting them down then go right ahead. :)
  4. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Hey guys, new to the forum here but not new to playing guitar (though I've taken somewhat of a hiatus over the past 3 years since being off at school). I know my questions don't all fit into this subforum but for the sake of cohesiveness I wanted to try to keep all my questions in a single...
  5. Music: Recording Studio
    Any recomendations for a software package that would suit a beginner and give me things like a high/low pass filter for mixing etc. Is reason essentials the sort of thing im looking for here?
  6. Computers, Electronics, Gaming & IT
    Holy fucking shit :rofl: This is trolling at its finest!
  7. General Music Discussion
    What's some of yours? Here are mine (don't ban me mods :wub:) -German thrash is better than American thrash (exception being Testament) -Janick Gers brings a lot of positives to Maiden (and some negatives too) -Cliff Burton is massively overrated as a bass player (great songwriter/arranger...
  8. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    I've seen these mentioned a lot, but googling is letting me down. I run a Tung Sol in V1 on my Roadster (per Dave's suggestion) and out of curiosity tonight, I swapped the stock Mesa tube back in. The TS definitely sounds better, and it has me thinking on trying stuff in the other slots as well...
  9. Lifestyle, Health, Fitness & Food
    Okay, so I have to tell you a little backstory to what got me interested in learning to fight. This takes place in December of 2009. It's the last day of finals for the first semester of college, I'm done and I pack up my stuff to head home for winter break. I get home and 3 of my high school...
1-9 of 14 Results