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    How could THIS leave the factory like this? I just recieved this nut in the mail and it's somewhat arching on one edge! It's not much, but I saw it right away! I dont trust this at all! There's two options: 1. File it down (with risk of doing more damage) 2. Return it Floyd Rose should...
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    I used to kinda own this, it was on long-term loan from Mr S, but I just couldn't swing the cash to buy it. Anyway, four years down the line and I ended up buying it off the guy who he sold it to :lol: Basically, I got a little bored of my rectifier constantly needing a maxed-out OD808 in...
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    Hey guys - This trem is in a SoCal green slime. The owner says the OE trem was replaced with a German Floyd. If it's an actual Floyd, it looks like the Hot Rod model. Can anyone give me some idea of whether this is the OE trem in the Charvel SoCal or whether it has, indeed, been upgraded...
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    Looking through my box o random guitar parts at this stuff that has been sitting in there forever, never to be used again. So, I decided to sell it to help fund a new body for my Zion. :yesway: I would probably be willing to trade for other pickups. I'm in need of a pair of humbuckers and the...
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    Hi guys, just wanted to post something I'm working on for my main band. Dunno if anyone here is in to that sort of music, but I figured I'd give it a shot. Guitar solo by yours truly (that's why it sucks).
  6. General Music Discussion This really makes me realise that I should stop worrying about gear and just practice more. You can make music with anything as long as you have the commitment to practice and some talent too.
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    Can anyone comment on the Korean made ones? Are they worth the 85 bux? Compared to the $200 German made masterpiece.... I'm replacing the rubbish that was in the lynch guitar I just got. Thanks in advance
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    I found this German black metal band the other day called Der Weg Einer Freiheit. Really good stuff :metal:
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    I have been eyeing up a fretless for a while for the lolz for the past few months. Not sure why, I just think it'd be cool to play around with one. So one night, after getting a few drinks, I message a member on and managed to sort something. ... Group shot! Missing...
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    There are few phrases that I find more appealing.
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    Trick question.
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    When the beat goes off | Harvard Gazette Makes me wonder what Gene Hoglan's error time is.
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    Made in Germany in or around Rösslau. Made by my girlfriends step father at the factory (He gets to take home like one a month or so). Right side. Fits (German, dunno if the US variants are different :lol:) Golfs of various age as well as some BMW 3s and 5s. Dont know the brand, or much about...
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    Some of the weirdest shit I have come across in awhile. :rofl: I have to say some of it isnt too bad.. But it isnt too great either. :lol: So what your watching is German dude do "crunk" rap.. :eek:
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    i will be flying to the states in one week for 13 days and will be staying mainly in LA and san francisco. although the euro/dollar exchange is pretty weak at the moment, i'd like to visit some music stores in LA and san francisco mainly for guitar shopping. so what can the local dudes...