1. Guitar: Instrument Discussion Lots of :dgaf: I imagine, myself included. But still. Am I reading that right? A Les Paul Standard with an entry level of $999? I'm not particularly clued up on the price gradient of new Gibsons since I'm from the UK and am...
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    I was hoping something like this was in the pipe. It's a good business decision, in my opinion. Hopefully the details will bear this out.
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    This was featured prominently in a couple of the articles on Gibson's bankruptcy as a "high point in Gibson's history". Possibly one of the classiest guitars in history. ?American Sniper? Les Paul By Gibson Custom to be Auctioned...
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    This is what happens when you combine a 17 degree pitch angle and someone that did not loosen the strings or make sure there was padding inside the case and shipped in very cold weather. I wish Gibson would go back to the dreaded 14 degree pitch like on my bastard Norlin guitar.
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    (Benny does not however.) Dont say shit about the EMG's, yeah I know. That Custom is getting the vintage Dirty Fingers if I can find a second one.