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    Know what I hate? Monotheism, particularly of the Abrahamic type. Know what I love? Cheesy Power Metal. My friend (Who now plays drums in my band) showed me this band called Theocracy and now I don't know what to do. They do some truly phenomenal, unbelievably catchy and cheesy Power Metal with...
  2. General Music Discussion sending sexually explicit messages to a 14-year-old female. Former Black Label Society Guitarist Nick Catanese Pleads Guilty To Sending Sexually Explicit Photos To 14 Year Old Girl - This is something that I really could never understand... how the fuck GROWN UP Men try...
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    Bit of a guilty pleasure, perhaps - its about as straightforward as hard rock get - but I like this rather a lot. Catchy as hell. :metal:
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    Come on, 'fess up. What unexpected, non metal album is in your list of favourites? I was a Jack of Jill fan as a young teen (you know, goth angst and all that shit) and I ended up following the stuff Jessicka did afterward with Scarling. Their album So Long Scarecrow is one of my favourite...
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    I don't know if anyone listens to these guys. I personally don't know anything by them, but a "metal head" friend of mine was pretty pissed about this. As I Lay Dying Frontman Pleads Guilty In Murder-For-Hire Plot |
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    I keep telling myself to no buy anymore guitars, but I also told myself that I would only get guitars that absolutely give me a boner. And it so happens to be high dollar guitars that it happens. Case in point, I knew that I wanted a Gibson Custom Classic, but I didn't expect the one that I...
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    Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- (newest GG game in the works) Oh yeah! :hbang: Took Arc Sys a good long time to update one of the best fighting game franchises, but it's coming soon. Between this and Blazblue: ChronoPhantasma, I may go back to taking fighting games seriously again. :flex: EDIT...
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    PSN hackers plead guilty in UK court - I'll be interested to hear what the sentence is. Probably a well paid job with somebody.
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    Prague court acquits metal singer of causing fan death - ITV News Fuck yes.
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    Haven't had one of these in a while...
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    Debuachery writes some fucking catchy choruses.
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    So, thought this might be an interesting thread. Basically, what are some songs that you don't necessarily like, but they get stuck in your head for long periods of time because they're just so damn catchy. (i.e. click any youtube link in this thread at your own risk :lol: )
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    Burress pleads guilty, will serve 2 years in prison - NFL- What a fuckup.