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    Nice touch in having the Inlay the same color as the guitar :yesway:
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    A bit late but fuck it... Its HALLOWEEN!!!!! :metal::rocker::metal:
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    Most of y'all have already seen most of these before, but I thought it was cool to see them all in one place: 13 Evil Guitar Designs | Scary Guitars for Halloween
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    So listen to Type O Negative. :metal:
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    Post Halloween songs! :scream:
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    High school baseball game played in costumes :rofl: The pictures are great! :agreed:
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    :lol: :metal:
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  9. General Music Discussion
    ...we need more :kd:
  10. General Music Discussion If you find yourself in Essex, MD on Friday, check it out, should be fun.
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    :winning: Gearboxity - Gearbox Software Community Portal - Halloween Mask Cut-Outs
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    Gotta love bootleg videos in HD!
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    Halloween weekend marks the 20-year anniversary of Paul Booth's tattooing career. There will be live entertainment, collaborative painting and tattooing, costume contests, music, freakshows, and fetish dancers and will be filmed for one of Booth's DVD's. It will take place on Saturday, November...