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  1. Art, Movies, Books, TV & Media
    Has anyone seen this yet? I haven't seen it yet myself, but from the looks of things, this movie looks like something a troublemaker kid who played way too much Call Of Duty and Gears Of War decided to submit to his film class, albeit extremely polished. Needless to say, I'm curious. :lol...
  2. General Music Discussion
    Naw, just kidding, listen to King Diamond!
  3. General Music Discussion
    This is one of my projects, the recording is far from perfect, the second guitar tone is far from fitting, the vocals aren't out of the tombs, it's not the tightest, but that's what we do. Our influences range from Death Metal to Hardcore, from Obituary and Bolt Thrower to Merauder and All Out...
  4. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    Played a couple of these in stores over the last few weeks, and they are utterly ridiculous. They play like butter, and I really dig the 25" scale length. And some of the finish options are gorgeous Might have to shift a guitar or two :eek:
  5. Computers, Electronics, Gaming & IT
    I'm having a weird problem that's tough to search for because of all the shitty ass blogs and linkbait sites.. :mad: I use IG when I'm out cycling, because it integrates into Strava and adds all the photos I take to my road/mountain bike activity. It's pretty spiffy, and a cool way to...
  6. General Music Discussion
    Currently throwing together a new project and I've got another guitarist and bassist on board as well as possibly a drummer. I can't stand 'core' bands. They were the bane of my existence as an engineer and I want to grind my ears off with a belt sander whenever I have to hear them. So the add...
  7. Music: Recording Studio
    I played it on my KxK Sii-7. Axe FX II into a motu MK3 interface > studio one I mixed everything. tried to make it sound pro The Motu Mk3 made a big difference, upgraded from the Focusrite sapphire 6. Let me know what you think!! The Things We buried- Dark horse ( Katey Perry Cover) by Najka...
  8. General Music Discussion
    let me be the first to admit.... this post is not worth much.
  9. Music: Recording Studio
    Hi guys, Of Glaciers have posted up a single from their upcoming album "Heart Museum", which I mixed. It's not often I get to work on music I like as much as this, I feel like this band could be huge with the right team behind them! The mix itself is pretty different from my usual, and I tried...
  10. General Music Discussion A few bands there I'd like to see (and some I'd like to not see).. Anyone going, or better yet, playing? I might head there on Saturday with a few buddies for Overkill, Unearth and Periphery. And of course...
  11. Music: Recording Studio
    My wife's roller derby team needs an anthem for their intro music and TV spot. They want a hardcore cover of "Brand New Key" by Melanie, a song about roller skates: This is just a demo of the first minute with no vocals or bass. Still in progress, but sound ok so far? BrandNewKey2 - -...
  12. Music: Recording Studio
    I've been listening to alot of hardcore stuff lately and came up with this idea last night. So I recorded it. Just doubletracked guitar, one bass track and drums through Superior. I finally tried out some tweaking on Superior for the first time so comments on the drum sounds and what you'd...
  13. General Music Discussion
    Stumbled across them a while ago. Their debut is heavy as.
  14. Computers, Electronics, Gaming & IT
    Deserves it's own thread. Holy shit is this hard! :lol: I said it in the other thread, but I'll say it again here. The first Krogan Battlemaster fight SUCKS. I'm an Adept, and the first ~10 levels or so worth of talent points I put into armor, class training and assault rifles, so the only...
  15. General Music Discussion
    Detached retina, anyone?
  16. General Music Discussion
    this band is sick. I love the guitar tone, reminds me a lot of Soilwork; what do you guys think?
  17. General Music Discussion
    My mate is the drummer. They're a hardcore band, but unlike most (with a few exceptions) I actually like them a lot. They supported Madball last week :agreed: :cool: I ordered their EP last week and it arrived today :D It's pretty heavy and mixed fantastically well, they decided to get it...
  18. General Music Discussion
    Shroud of Bereavement will be hitting the stage at 4:00 PM SHARP, so if you want to see us, get there early, since we only get 20 minutes. We'll be on the 3rd stage, which is around the corner from the Palladium (where the 1st and 2nd stages will be), at 90 Commercial St., in Worcester, MA...
1-19 of 19 Results